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Commercial and Professional Appliances

Get the knowledge and insights you need to get your commercial appliances in compliance to local and global regulations. Partner with one of the world’s most respected leaders in testing, inspection and certification services.

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Enhance customer confidence in your commercial appliances with UL Solutions’ comprehensive compliance services 

Sanitation, safety and cybersecurity, as well as savings from more durable, high performing and energy efficient models are what commercial appliances owners expect. Our testing and certification offerings help you demonstrate that your product adheres to accepted standards, letting buyers know that your products align with their priorities.

Rely on UL Solutions to help you with your testing and certification projects for:

  • Gas-fired cooking appliances (combustion)
  • Electric cooking appliances
  • Coffeemakers and espresso machines
  • Laundry equipment, including washers and dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Microwave ovens
  • Ranges
  • Commercial and professional refrigerators

Trusted appliance testing and certification experts 

In an increasingly global and competitive market, trust your safety testing and certification projects to UL Solutions. We are a leader in product safety and performance benchmarking and the leading global certifier for UL and IEC based standards. We work to provide you with the knowledge necessary to help you mitigate the risks of bringing technically complex and innovative products to market. 

Here’s how partnering with UL Solutions can provide you with important advantages: 

  • Brand awareness and reputation – Count on UL Solutions to help you get the UL Marks you need to give kitchen managers confidence that your commercial equipment meets all accepted standards for gas combustion and electrical code compliance, cybersecurity, reliability and energy efficiency. Our mark has global recognition and acceptance with code authorities and customers.
  • Testing services – Leverage our experts to test and certify your products to meet standards, including electrical and gas safety, sanitation, performance, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), energy efficiency and cybersecurity.
  • Global coverage – Make keeping up with compliance standards easier by relying on local UL Solutions technical expertise wherever you do business.
  • Comprehensive compliance services – Partner with UL Solutions, your single-source comprehensive service provider for testing and certification solutions for gas and combustion, safety, performance, EMC, interoperability, cybersecurity and sustainability to help shorten your time to market and control costs.
  • Strong collaboration with key stakeholders – Stay connected with industry changes and identify the most relevant trends to help you differentiate your products when you rely on our expert knowledge, based on our strong working relationships with the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers, the European Federation of Catering Equipment Manufacturers.

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