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Toys and Children's Products

Develop innovative toys and children’s products, expand into new markets and proactively manage compliance, quality and sustainability with the support of UL Solutions.

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Succeeding in the highly regulated toys and children’s products market

Families and educators buy toys and products for their children — our most vulnerable end users — hoping to find items on the shelves that are safe, high quality and increasingly sustainable. People want to be confident your products don’t contain dangerous substances, or that they don't put the health of little ones at risk with sharp edges or small parts that the child could ingest, and many aspects need to be considered. Consumers want to trust toy and children's products brands and retailers that the item went through rigorous testing and checks.

International technical committees and working groups work hard to maintain higher safety and quality standards that toys and children’s products must undergo in order to access global markets.

Moreover, the topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly popular in this market as well. The idea of raising our children in a healthier and more protected world leads consumers to search for items from brands and retailers who pay more attention to the environment.

Last but not least, the number of connected and smart children’s products is growing, providing unique experiences to our children. This does not come without a new set of critical risks: from cybersecurity to radio frequency exposure, you as a brand or retailer have to put more topics on your list before launching your item in your destination markets.

You are not alone in this journey to protect future generations: as your strategic partner, UL Solutions guides you through this complex marketplace with the mission of working for a safer world.

UL Solutions can support global retailers, brands and manufacturers to market compliant, quality toys faster starting from the initial stage of the product development process. We help you evaluate your sustainability efforts through your product’s lifecycle and differentiate your products in the competitive marketplace.

Simplify global market access with UL Solutions testing for your toys and children’s products

UL Solutions high-tech global accredited laboratories offer a wide portfolio of testing according to global mandatory standards and regulation. This portfolio includes chemical and microbiological analysis, physical-mechanical, flammability and electrical testing and much more.

Whether you need to access the North America, European or Asian markets, or any other market in the world, we can help.

Avoid duplication of efforts and save costs and time by working with a partner to achieve your goals and launch compliant, quality products on the market.

Toy Safety Testing

Supporting the toy manufacturing industry’s drive to bring safer products to the world market.

Juvenile Products Testing and Quality Services

We’ll help you adhere to today’s compliance demands while anticipating the impact of tomorrow’s evolving regulations.

Sell sustainable toys and children’s product to protect future generations around the world

Toys and children’s products brands, retailers and manufacturers are looking to implement innovative sustainable approaches to respond to the increasing demand for socially and environmentally sustainable products.

This sustainable direction that the industry is taking brings to higher use of recycled or bio-based plastics, or a trend to design these products to be more easily recycled at the end of their usable life.

Incorporating sustainability demonstrates your principles to customers and it also helps drive revenue growth, reduce costs, and mitigate risk.

UL Solutions can help you to communicate your sustainability efforts to your consumers avoiding the greenwashing issues, and to manage a supply chain that is more socially responsible.

We offer solutions and tools to implement corporate sustainability strategies at all levels to enhance your brand and increase competitive advantage, increase productivity at reduced costs, and minimize carbon risk while improving energy efficiency to become a greener company.

Sustainability Services and Solutions for the Toy Industry

UL Solutions’ sustainability solutions for toy products help you differentiate your brand with a transparent approach that tracks and reports your sustainability efforts.

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Evaluate your connected toys or children’s products safety, security and performance to access new markets with confidence

Innovative products come with a set of new risks that toys and children’s products manufacturers have to face: from safety, security and performance issues to evaluations of the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) exposure, from Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) to cybersecurity, are you sure you are taking the most comprehensive approach before launching your products on the global markets?

UL Solutions offer a wide range of service to guide you through this complex landscape.

Smart Toys and Juvenile Products Testing and Certification

Evaluate whether your connected toy or children’s product innovations meet safety, security and performance standards, and enter new markets with confidence.

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End-to-end quality and supply chain management solutions for the toys and children’s products industry

If you are looking for third party inspections to evaluate that your product meets specifications prior to release the shipment, you can count on UL Solutions’ global footprint, product expertise and data management software.

Our customized inspection programs can help you optimize your global supply chain and:

  • Improve your time-to-market.
  • Demonstrate quality and accuracy of your toys and children’ products.
  • Prevent defective products from reaching your customers.
  • Avoid loss of products and revenues, delayed shipment or wasted materials and product recalls in your destination markets.

To gain greater visibility and control for your testing, inspections and audits, we can offer our software solutions PATH® SmartSuite that will help you navigate through supply chain complexities, providing access to project order management, business intelligence, corrective actions, information management and product regulations.

At UL Solutions we help private labels to position their toys and children’s products competitively
in the marketplace and reduce risk.

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