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Sustainable Toys: Walking an Authentic Path

An e-guide for toy manufacturers and retailers

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New consumers expect sustainable toys

Today, consumers expect more from their purchases. They increasingly seek out more sustainable products, and this applies to the toys they buy as well. Whether they want to set a good example for their children or they want to do their part to protect the planet, more consumers are moving sustainability to the top of their decision-making list.

Specifically, consumers are paying more attention to toys that:

  • Do not pose a health risk to those who make or use them
  • Do not release carbon or other greenhouse gases during the manufacturing process
  • Do not pollute the environment at any stage of their life cycle
  • Are made from renewable, natural materials
  • Are made in a socially conscious manner
  • Are manufactured with water or other natural resource consumption in mind
  • Do not cause a waste problem at the end of their useful life

Sustainability plans are now an integral part of global business strategy. Toy manufacturers and manufacturers in every other sector are looking to implement innovative sustainable approaches to respond to the increasing demand for socially and environmentally sustainable products.

The toy industry is moving in a sustainable direction. Today, more toy producers use recycled or bio-based plastics. They reduce material use in either the product or its packaging and design toys to be more easily recycled at the end of their usable life. This movement is well-timed, as there is now an unprecedented sense of urgency across industries to address the climate and pollution crises. Moreover, incorporating sustainability demonstrates your principles to customers — especially to those who share similar environmental concerns. It can also help drive revenue growth, cost reduction and risk mitigation.

Review UL Solutions’ comprehensive e-guide today to learn more about:

  • How sustainable the toy industry is today
  • Material selection challenges
  • Transparency in sustainability
  • Transitioning to a circular economy
  • What toy manufacturers can do
  • How UL Solutions can help
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