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ESG Management

UL Solutions offers industry-leading environmental, social and governance (ESG) software, advisory, and verification services, empowering organizations to proactively navigate a dynamic landscape and achieve safer, more sustainable performance.

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Accelerate your ESG management and performance no matter where you are on your journey

UL Solutions offers highly configurable and fully featured, award-winning software and services designed to meet your current and future ESG needs. Empower your organization with adaptable solutions for ESG excellence, sustainable growth and positive impact.  Our ESG and sustainability offerings are available through ULTRUS™ software, which includes digital products from UL Solutions to help customers manage regulatory, supply chain and sustainability challenges.


See how industry leaders manage their corporate sustainability with UL Solutions

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Mobilize your ESG strategy

Leverage our science-driven approach to identify focus areas to drive ESG performance, design effective measurement and reporting processes, help shape your strategy and more to navigate compliance, attract investment, improve operations and enhance your brand reputation.

Assess ESG strategy gaps

Identify gaps in your ESG practices and build a strategic roadmap that helps prioritize initiatives and allocate resources efficiently to achieve your goals.

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Identify material ESG topics

Leverage expert-led materiality assessments to uncover focus areas with the greatest potential impact on sustainability and business performance.

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Learn ESG best practices

Equip your team with the latest insights and best practices, enabling them to effectively implement and manage your ESG initiatives.

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Measure real-time ESG performance

Combine our award-winning ESG reporting and data management software with our carbon and corporate sustainability domain experts to demonstrate progress with quantifiable metrics and robust systems for measuring performance.

Streamline data collection

Leverage powerful integrations and industry-leading workflows to automate the collection of ESG data across your organization and supply chain.

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Manage data quality

Support accuracy, timeliness, completeness and auditability of your ESG metrics with our data management tools.

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Analyze, track, and manage performance

Visualize data to track and manage performance against your ESG and net-zero goals. Export your data and insights to empower informed decision-making.

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Manage continuous improvement across ESG KPIs

Metrics shift, policies change and ambitions evolve over time. Achieving long-term strategic goals requires companies to refine key performance indicators and assess progress in real time to drive continuous improvement.

Set science-based targets

Work with ESG experts to determine the right science-based targets for your organization. Assess your processes, data, methodologies and documentation to secure SBTi validation of your goals.

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Operationalize your ESG strategy

Integrate ESG goals and KPIs into day-to-day business operations and decision-making processes. Embed ESG principles in your activities to drive ongoing optimization and achieve set goals.

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Navigate evolving ESG demands

Adapt to changing ESG metrics and policies effortlessly with ESG Data Management software from UL Solutions. Refine KPIs and track progress as ESG metrics and policies evolve.

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Deliver investment-grade ESG reports

Streamline your ESG reporting with industry-leading workflows that allow you to quickly prepare accurate and auditable data for ESG reporting that aligns with mandatory and voluntary disclosure frameworks.

Verdantix: Green Quadrant ESG Reporting and Data Management Software Leader 2023
Verdantix Green Quadrant Enterprise Carbon Management Leader 2023
Verdantix Green Quadrant EHS Software Leader 2023
Environment + Energy Leader awards Top Product 2023
Verdantix Green Quadrant Enterprise Carbon Management Leader 2022
Environment + Energy Leader awards Top Product 2021

Manage global sustainability regulations

Navigate and adhere to evolving global sustainability regulations. Quickly adapt your ESG data collection tools and strategy to meet changing requirements.

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Build confidence in your data

Utilize advanced data quality management features to support ESG data that is accurate, timely, complete and fully auditable.

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Review with experts

Our ESG advisors can review your disclosures to help identify improvements, communicate results and assist in reporting to CDP, GRI, ISSB, CSRD, SEC and other leading frameworks.

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Stay ahead of the evolving ESG landscape



Enable compliance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive through our robust ESG reporting tools.

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California Climate Regulation

Stay compliant with California’s stringent climate regulations through our tailored ESG reporting services.

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Prepare your climate-related financial disclosures inline with the  Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Meet the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation requirements with precise, investment-grade ESG data and reporting.

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Improve your CDP scores with high-quality, comprehensive ESG data and expert reporting support.

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Align your ESG disclosures with the International Sustainability Standards Board’s S1 and S2 standards and SASB requirements for enhanced transparency.

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Scope 3

Measure and report Scope 3 emissions with our advanced data management and analytics tools.

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Net Zero

Articulate your net zero goals and demonstrate progress along the way with our expert guidance and robust reporting capabilities.

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Build confidence with third party verification

Enhance the credibility and transparency of your ESG claims, building trust with stakeholders, investors and customers. Demonstrate that your ESG and carbon data have been rigorously evaluated and independently verified to industry standards.

*Verification projects are delivered independently of advisory services.

Prepare for verification success

Prepare for verification success by identifying potential gaps and areas for improvement in your ESG management system and assessing the robustness and reliability of your ESG data and practices.

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Verify ESG data

Reputable third-party verification of your ESG data and greenhouse gas (GHG) statements to meet emerging regulatory, investor and customer demand.

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Demonstrate transparency

Leverage the Verification Mark for a trusted third-party to demonstrate your ESG practices, bolstering your brand reputation and stakeholder confidence.

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“UL 360 Sustainability software is an essential management tool that helped Danske Bank Group achieve its goal of carbon neutrality — a benefit to the company, its employees, and the planet.”

Kristian Højland, CR coordinator, Danske Bank Group

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"We rely a lot on our reporting — all analysis and future target setting will be based on the data-collection program that was set up. UL Solutions' 360 advisory team really helped us establish solid reporting procedures."

Csilla Csipkes, ESG manager, Castik Capital

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“We contacted UL Solutions because our familiarity and industry research told us that the company had a ‘playbook’ of sorts to help us to engage with our customers.”

Pete Kane, Chief Financial Officer, GLP Capital Partners

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Understanding ESG: How to harness the power of sustainability

Whether you’re still establishing an ESG footing or accelerating strategy execution, companies worldwide turn to our ESG Management program for its comprehensive guidance, pragmatic tools and trusted independent verification. Read our ebook to learn more.

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