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Smart Buildings Cybersecurity

Offering a suite of cybersecurity services from experts in global security standards, frameworks and best practices for the smart buildings ecosystem.

Cybersecurity challenges for smart buildings

The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) has resulted in a new type of building, the smart building. A smart building is a facility that is considered innovative, connected, advanced and futuristic. These buildings incorporate sensors and automation into their design and construction to allow monitoring of different types of data and analytics of the structure. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the benefits of smart buildings to improve operational efficiency, reduce energy and resource consumption and create more comfortable, safe, and sustainable environments.

While smart buildings have made work easier and more efficient, their increased dependency on technology and electronic devices makes them more vulnerable to various cyberattacks. If a cyberattack breaches a single connected operational device, it could put the entire network at risk. IoT vulnerabilities can be found in the design stage of a building’s lifecycle or in any smart/connected retrofitted areas of an existing building. With so many variables and your customer’s security at stake, it’s important to work with the cybersecurity experts at UL Solutions to help address cybersecurity challenges before they present a threat.

UL Solutions offerings for smart building cybersecurity

The most effective way to secure a connected building and its supply chain is to continuously monitor and update your systems with ever-evolving cybersecurity best practices. As the risk of cyberattacks grows for smart buildings, regulators are pushing for new regulatory frameworks, and organizations need to be ready to understand and implement the latest cybersecurity standards in smart building products, systems and processes.

UL Solutions can help with our smart building cybersecurity solutions for smart building product and system manufacturers, system integrators and building owners. Whether you design IoT enabled products used in smart buildings or you are a building owner that wants to secure its supply chain, UL Solutions can help you enable security across the smart building ecosystem.

We help companies define where they are in their cybersecurity maturity, understand what they need to do to develop secure devices, and manage the digital identity of people and products. We also help improve internal cybersecurity capabilities and processes, validate security built into products throughout their lifecycle and differentiate your organization’s products based on how secure they are when compared to others in the marketplace.

Why UL Solutions for smart buildings cybersecurity

While cybersecurity is an area that needs to be considered for any business, the IoT-driven smart building and the convergence of information technology (IT) systems and operational technology (OT) systems is generating a new set of cybersecurity challenges that UL Solutions is ready to help your organization overcome.

UL Solutions has extensive expertise in cybersecurity with a global network of IoT and OT security laboratories, over 500 security experts and advisors, with specialized expertise in global security standards, frameworks and best practices for the smart building ecosystem.

We efficiently and proactively work with you to plan, test, verify and help secure your products and systems from cybersecurity threats, leading to a more secure smart building.


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