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Healthcare Cybersecurity Solutions

Regulatory and safety testing for healthcare devices

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The integration of advanced information technologies in medical devices has fostered the emergence of a new set of cybersecurity challenges for patients, healthcare providers, and device developers and manufacturers. Our regulatory and safety testing for healthcare devices can help prevent hackers and cybercriminals from potentially compromising private and confidential healthcare data and placing patients at risk.

Cybersecurity requirements and standards

Based on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognized UL 2900 Series of Standards and other industry standards, our full suite of cybersecurity services is designed to help healthcare organizations manage their cybersecurity risks and validate their cybersecurity capabilities to the marketplace. We can help you with:

  • Increased awareness about cybersecurity in your organization
  • Increased competencies
  • Reduction of time-consuming design changes and costly product recalls
  • Reduction of cybersecurity, privacy and safety risks
  • Preparation for certification
  • Using certification as a market differentiator
  • Brand recognition
  • Test and certification reports to meet regulatory and commercial cybersecurity requirements, such as the FDA’s and Health Canada's cybersecurity guidance documents
  • Independent security testing of your product to help increase trustworthiness, performed in our global laboratory infrastructure by competent staff

Why UL for cybersecurity services in the healthcare industry

Our work in healthcare cybersecurity includes extensive global testing and certification to the FDA recognized UL 2900 family of standards. Our team of experts can assist with your healthcare product, medical device, and healthcare facility cybersecurity testing and certification needs.

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