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A variety of cleaning products.

Household and Industrial Cleaners

People worry about the chemicals found in the products they use. To boost consumer confidence, you need to be on top of regulatory requirements, test products and demonstrate sustainable attributes.

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What you don’t know can hurt you, which is why people want to be sure that the chemicals in products they use for cleaning, no matter the environment, whether it is in the home, or in schools, or in commercial places, are tested and certified.

Emergence of COVID-19 pandemic boosts consumers’ concerns and market growth

Starting in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a huge growth in the demand for household and industrial cleaning and disinfection products. People have become more concerned with hygienic living and housekeeping. Reopening of restaurants, offices and all public places has also urged the use of those products at a more industrial level.

Transparency of ingredients as a demand driver

Buyers want to know what chemicals are in cleaning products and whether they can be trusted. They want transparency around ingredients, end products and related supply network insights. Consumers are also paying more attention to information on labels. They compare product ingredients and the risks associated with specific components.

Increasing demand for more natural and sustainable products

Sustainability information is also top of mind and a driver of choice in the household and industrial cleaner industry.

People are concerned about chemicals in their products. As a result, they prefer to purchase and use goods that show some green, sustainable attributes. The desire for green, natural products with less health and chemical impact on people and the planet is another market growth driver.

How UL Solutions can help the cleaning industry meet the market expectations and build confidence

We can help boost confidence in your products by helping you identify optimal ingredients, understand relevant regulatory requirements and by providing third-party assessments of products for compliance with quality and performance requirements. As one of the most trusted testing providers in the industry, we can help you deliver safer, more sustainable products to market.

UL Solutions is an expert in chemical specialty product testing.

Chemical Specialty Product Testing for Household Cleaning Products

Our chemical specialty product testing puts your household cleaning supplies to the test —providing third-party Verification of their quality and safety.

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We can offer comprehensive chemical analysis.

Chemical Testing and Analysis Services for Consumer Products

Protect your business and consumers from harmful chemicals with UL Solutions’ chemical testing services.

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Rely on our safety testing and verification services.

Hand Sanitizer and Cleaning Wipe Testing

Support public safety and health with proper testing and verification.

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Demonstrate your products are safer and more sustainable with our sustainability offerings.

Effects of Toxic Chemicals in Products on Human Health

Demonstrate that the products you produce or sell meet chemical regulations and do not have a negative impact on human health or the environment.

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