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Chemical Testing and Analysis Services for Consumer Products

Protect your business and consumers from harmful chemicals with UL Solutions’ chemical testing services.

Analytical and Chemical Testing for Consumer Products

Uncover hazardous substances before your end product through our testing and chemical analysis services

Chemical testing and analysis plays a fundamental role in the safety and quality of consumer products, beyond meeting strict global and regional regulations. With growing concerns over harmful chemicals found in consumer products, it is important to uncover the formulations and chemical substances used in your raw materials, manufacturing processes and ultimately, your end-products.

Our state-of-the-art testing laboratories worldwide and experienced subject matter experts are here to help. We can provide validation that your products comply to global regulations as well as to your own specifications. We have solutions designed to assess the impact of chemicals throughout your supply chain.

Chemical testing benefits and consumer product categories

A full understanding of what chemical substances are used in your merchandise can benefit you throughout the whole product lifecycle, from raw materials to the final product. Chemical analysis can help you minimize safety risks and liabilities, assist you in entering global markets, monitor and reduce your environmental impact and give you more confidence in your product’s quality.

Chemical testing and analysis covers a broad range of consumer product categories, including but not limited to:





Food contact

Pet Products  

Pet products

Juvenile Products


Juvenile products

Personal Care and Beauty  

Personal care and beauty

Textile, apparel and footwear


Textile, apparel and footwear

Electronic chargers  

Electronic products

Premiums and promotional products


Premiums and promotional products

Packaging Materials  

Packaging materials

Jewelery and watches


Jewelry and watches

CBD producs  

CBD products

General merchandise


General merchandise


Chemical Testing Labs

To find a lab nearest you for consumer studies testing, please contact us at one of our global locations.

Chemical Testing Labs - Global Locations

Locate and contact one of our many laboratories across the globe. 

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Why UL Solutions for chemical analysis services

We have the tools necessary to help you stay compliant to global regulations. Our regulatory research team closely monitors industry developments in order to understand new chemical requirements. We make timely updates on the latest legal drafts and enact regulations in our global regulatory database so that our clients have access to the most current information when they need it.

Our technical service team can support you with protocol development, define a testing program and regulatory interpretations. Our subject matter experts are active members of numerous technical groups including ISO, CEN, ASTM, and more. They work continuously in the field of standardization so that they are prepared to answer your questions and guide you through strategic decisions on regulations, directives, test methods and future developments.

Our global testing laboratories offer you a variety of services to help safeguard your products against hazardous substances including:

  • Toxicological Risk Assessment (TRA)
  • Labeling review
  • Component evaluation
  • After shipment surveillance
  • Testing on raw materials, input chemicals and finished products

UL Solutions’ chemical safety and analytical services are designed to help you untangle all the complications with global regulations so that your products can meet compliance.

For more information on UL Solutions’ chemical testing capabilities, please contact us today.

UL Solutions Retail Center of Excellence in Arkansas, USA

Our global network of laboratories offers robust services to help manufacturers, retailers, brands and suppliers verify compliance with chemical regulations and restricted substances programs. Watch this video recorded in our new Retail COE in Lowell, AR, to discover how we can help you pinpoint safety risks, enter global markets, reduce environmental impact and boost confidence in the quality of your products.

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