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Product and Supplier Scorecard

Retailers and brand owners can curate, develop and sell safer, more sustainable products and meet chemical policy, transparency and sustainability goals.

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Grow your clean and green product portfolio for safer and more sustainable performance.

PurView Product and Supplier Scorecard, part of ULTRUS™ software from UL Solutions, helps retailers and brand owners thoroughly evaluate products, components and ingredients based on key product attributes.

With an industry-leading approach to material and product evaluation, we help global brand leaders support greater safety, compliance and business outcomes.

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Screen ingredients

Implement your organization’s chemical policy in PurView to screen for chemicals of concern based on validated attribute data.


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Source responsibly

Evaluate ingredients, input materials and manufacturing processes for sustainability and social responsibility.


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Sell safer products

Curate and develop healthier and more sustainable products to build trust with your customers and differentiate in the market.

How it works

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Define what matters

With PurView, your organization can define and evaluate products and ingredients based on your custom definition of sustainability.

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Streamline data collection

Specify, collect and validate the information you need from your supply chain and utilize UL's WERCSmart database with validated formulation data.

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Rate materials and suppliers

Evaluate your ingredients, materials and products based on the attributes that matter to your retail partners and consumers.

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Sell better products

Create credible product curation and attribute-based marketing programs to meet consumer demand and increase sales.  

For retailers

Help your customers make informed purchases

Get validated attribute data based on material composition, sourcing and manufacturing processes to evaluate the human health and sustainability impacts of your products. Tag attributes that matter to consumers, directing their purchases and making it easier for them to find their preferred products online or in-store.

For brand owners

Build transparency into your supply chain to support enhanced product development 

Use PurView to collect and verify chemical attribute information to evaluate your material inputs and ingredients. Source responsibly and develop more sustainable products that meet consumer demand, retailer chemical policy and product curation programs.

Consumers expect sustainability and purpose-driven brands

Your customers are actively searching for healthier and more sustainable brands, but are struggling to find better product availability, selection and to understand the health and environmental impacts of their purchase decisions. PurView quickly connects your consumers with sustainable items and helps you drive sales of premium-priced products with clean label claims.

*Based on a 2022 research study conducted by IBM and the National Retail Federation "Consumers Want It All."

 “We work closely with our partners at UL Solutions to help us evaluate and optimize our program.” 

 Amanda Patrick, Director of ESG/Corporate Sustainability, Rite Aid

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Ready to enhance product and materials sourcing? Take a look at PurView today.

Schedule a demo and learn how to add transparency and confidence to your sourcing strategy.

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Solving additional retail compliance challenges

Retail product compliance made simple — with WERCSmart®

Take advantage of this single, comprehensive platform that manages product compliance across your entire retail ecosystem, at every stage, for every Universal Product Code (UPC).

Learn about WERCSmart

Ready to enhance product and materials sourcing? Take a look at PurView today.

Schedule a demo and learn how to add transparency and confidence to your sourcing strategy. 

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