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Water and Plumbing

Comprehensive solutions to help the water and plumbing industry demonstrate the performance, safety and sustainability of their innovative products.

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Comprehensive solutions for water and plumbing products

The water and plumbing industry is steadily evolving due to investments in infrastructure and construction, an increasing focus on water conservation and rising concerns over access to clean water.

In response to these industry-wide shifts and the changing needs of consumers, manufacturers are shaping the industry with innovative products that offer greater performance and functionality, including smart water products and systems. Manufacturers want to demonstrate their products are not only safe and compliant with regulatory requirements but are also effective, and UL Solutions’ team of experts helps make that possible. 

In addition to health effects and overall performance, we take a more expansive, holistic look at your plumbing products by providing electrical safety, interoperability, cybersecurity and sustainability solutions to help your brand and your overall position in the market. We understand that water management and movement involve more than the water itself, and we are equipped to help you keep pace with the industry while delivering products your customers can trust.

By providing a full range of offerings, UL Solutions helps streamline the entire testing and certification process. When coupled with our deep industry knowledge across the entire supply chain, we can help you continue innovating to meet or exceed your customers’ expectations.

Testing and certification services for water and plumbing products

Concerns related to water quality, safety, conservation and sustainability combine with increasing connectivity to create a more complicated landscape for manufacturers pursuing rapid market access. UL Solutions’ offerings for water and plumbing products paired with our expertise in various supporting industries, provides you with comprehensive services, from advisory to certification.

Working with us allows you to leverage our knowledge to help inform everything from early-stage product development to regulatory compliance in your target markets. We recognize that water and plumbing product manufacturers must remain committed to health and performance while also addressing tangential needs to provide your customers with the most robust, reliable products possible.

Working toward a more connected future for plumbing products

Connected products are now a normal part of our day-to-day lives, and plumbing products are no exception. Along with additional functionality and convenience, these innovative products also bring new safety challenges that manufacturers must consider.

Whether destined for residential and commercial plumbing use, water treatment, or larger infrastructure applications, UL Solutions can help manufacturers evaluate their products against electrical, cybersecurity and interoperability requirements. Independent, third-party testing from UL Solutions enables you to demonstrate a commitment to safe, reliable innovation and to your customers’ security in our increasingly connected world. As with our legacy solutions for safety and performance, our connected technology advisory, testing and certification services are recognized throughout the industry, helping you differentiate in the market.

Enhancing water efficiency and plumbing product sustainability for both people and planet

Conservation and clean water remain at the forefront of the industry. We understand that keeping our planet healthy and supporting sustainability initiatives is important in every industry and with every product you design. From rainwater catchment to water efficiency and EPA WaterSense, UL Solutions provides services that help you demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

In addition to addressing these needs, we can also help enhance your environmental efforts by verifying the information in your Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and offering Life cycle analysis (LCA) services to help you understand the broader environmental impacts associated with the manufacturing of your products. With all of these solutions through one trusted provider, we will act as your partner while you work toward a safer, more sustainable future for your products, your customers and the planet we all share

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