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What we do

Our Ventures group works with entrepreneurs and leading experts to develop solutions that help ensure safety, security, sustainability and interoperability within new fields and technologies. We provide capital, expertise and access to our ecosystems so you can pursue innovation.

How we work

We are passionate about working with and funding great teams to develop ambitious solutions together. We provide venture capital and a dedicated Ventures team who facilitate access to global UL thought leaders, engineering expertise and ecosystems.


3DSIM Logo

3DSIM develops powerful simulation software for metal additive manufacturing. 3DSIM's leading software tools empower manufacturers, designers, materials scientists and engineers to achieve their objectives through simulation-driven innovation rather than physical trial and error. 3DSIM was successfully acquired by ANSYS in November 2017. Learn more at

Open Data Soft Logo

OpenDataSoft develops powerful data publishing and visualization platforms for smart cities. OpenDataSoft powers the information network connecting cities, their citizens and their partners together. Learn more at

MetaMoto Logo

Metamoto brings best practices for the testing and validation of autonomous system software to world-class enterprises and is a provider of superior simulation-centric products and services. Learn more at

SafeTraces Logo

SafeTraces is a food safety solutions company providing disruptive solutions for food traceability, purity verification and sanitation verification. Learn more at

SkySpecs Logo

SkySpecs enables wind farm owners, ISPs and OEMs to easily monitor and track the health of their wind turbines with a 15-minute automated robotic inspection. Learn more at

Stae Logo

STAE provides a single, dynamic software platform that enables cities to ingest, store, distribute, analyze and act upon data in real time to realize the full potential of connected infrastructure and city services. Learn more at

Voltaiq Logo

Voltaiq provides a comprehensive analytics platform to accelerate battery product development and ensure performance, predictability and reliability. Learn more at

MassiveBio Logo

Massive Bio analyzes the latest scientific knowledge about cancer, reviews clinical information, and develops comprehensive cancer care plans for patients and their treating oncologists. Learn more at

Risk Sense Logo

Risksense is an advanced cybersecurity platform for continuously correlating and analyzing evolving threat and vulnerability data via temporal analytics to predict which vulnerabilities will be weaponized. Learn more at

Identify 3D Logo

Identify3D provides a digital rights management and licensing toolset for OEMs to share electronic design files with subcontractors with the confidence that comes with traceability, quality assurance, authenticity and proper licensing control. Learn more at


Simin Zhou profile
Simin Zhou
Title: VP & Managing director
Location: Singapore
Interests: Autonomous systems, AI
Contact: [email protected]

Ravi Mulugu profile
Ravi Mulugu
Title: Director
Location: San Francisco
Interests: Cybersecurity, IoT, and AI
Contact: [email protected]

Mathieu Guerville
Mathieu Guerville
Title: Director
Location: San Francisco
Interests: Health technology, autonomous vehicles, smart cities
Contact: [email protected]

Karl Albrecht profile
Karl Albrecht, CFA, CPA
Title: Finance manager
Location: Chicago
Interests: Operations, portfolio management, valuation
Contact: [email protected]

Melissa Albrecht
Melissa Albrecht
Title: Manager
Location: Chicago
Interests: Additive manufacturing, simulation, AI
Contact: [email protected]

Bob Sung profile
Bob Sung
Title: Manager
Location: Taiwan
Interests: Autonomous systems, digital manufacturing
Contact: [email protected]

Bruce Bailey profile
Bruce Bailey
Title: Senior advisor
Location: Albany, New York
Interests: Renewables, smart grids, analytics
Contact: Linkedin

Stanford Au profile
Stanford Au
Title: Senior advisor
Location: Cupertino, California
Interests: AI, SaaS, technology, architecture
Contact: Linkedin

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