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We work with entrepreneurs to develop new markets, technologies and business models.

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How we work

We empower trust by exploring safety, security and sustainability in new markets and technologies. We operate and invest globally to learn about the newest ideas, innovations and developments around the world. Our Sandbox program encourages startups to explore ideas with our businesses and ecosystems, leveraging the benefits of our expertise while developing their own solutions. We invest in digital companies that drive innovation in the ecosystems we are active in, including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, supply chain, built environment, energy and automotive.



3DSIM Logo

3DSIM develops powerful simulation software for metal additive manufacturing. It was acquired by ANSYS (NASDAQ: ANSS), a leading engineering simulation software company, in Q4 2017.


Arceo Logo

Platform for insurance carriers to enhance cyber insurance.


Aurora Labs Logo

Embedded software management platform for connected vehicles and IoT.


Brodmann17 logo

Brodmann17 is developing deep learning-based computer vision algorithms that are hardware agnostic and can run locally on resource-constrained edge devices.


enduvo logo

Enduvo's VR content creation tool empowers subject matter experts to teach in VR and delivers better learning outcomes for complex processes in medicine and industry.


Identify 3D Logo

Identify3D is a digital manufacturing security and trust platform for distributed supply chains.


KenSci logo

KenSci provides a platform that enables health systems to apply AI at enterprise scale. It unlocks data from health systems to enhance healthcare outcomes and deliver cost savings.


kyndi logo

Kyndi is an explainable AI platform for enterprise knowledge workers.


MassiveBio Logo

MassiveBio is a healthcare informatics platform that connects cancer patients with the latest treatments and clinical trials.


metamoto logo

Metamoto develops simulation software for autonomous system training and testing.


open data soft logo

OpenDataSoft is a data and API platform for cities and companies.


resilinc logo

Resilinc facilitates supply chain risk management with its solution for increased visibility into risk events and forecasts. 


risk sense logo

RiskSense provides threat prioritized vulnerability management and attack surface validation services.


safe traces logo

SafeTraces develops traceability and sanitation technology for food and agriculture with extensive IP.


skyspecs logo

SkySpecs provides autonomous drone inspection & predictive analytics for the renewable energy industry.


Stae Logo

Stae is a smart city platform to connect various city and 3rd party systems together intelligently via interoperability APIs.


voltaiq logo

Voltaiq is a battery analytics software platform for battery manufacturers, auto OEMS and energy project developers.