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UL Ventures Portfolio Response to COVID-19

Ventures - COVID

April 10, 2020

As the world fights to flatten the COVID-19 curve through stringent containment measures, individuals and companies of all sizes are coming together to fight the pandemic.

Below are a few examples of how the UL Ventures portfolio companies are taking their digital solutions to the front lines to help patients, providers, educators, supply chains, and local communities.


Resilinc is launching The Exchange in collaboration with Premier and Stanford Medicine to help hospitals access supplies and ease shortages. The Exchange is a cloud-based platform for the healthcare industry where hospitals interact with vetted peer organizations to identify, locate and exchange critical medical items – registration is open to interested health systems

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KenSci has deployed real-time response planning through their Mobile Command Center. Built in collaboration with pulmonologists, nurses and CMIOs of large health systems handling COVID-19, the Mobile Command Center offers real-time bed availability and capacity planning (with ventilator tracking), an in-patient tracker and discharge planner, and a high-risk cohort finder to facilitate remote-care engagement and resource delivery.

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OpenDataSoft (ODS)

OpenDataSoft (ODS) is helping public institutions launch data sharing initiatives with granular pandemic related information including city-specific insights on COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, as well as home delivery services and essential service resources.

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Massive Bio

Massive Bio is working with patients, business partners, and other key members of the research ecosystem to ensure continued accrual of oncology clinical trials. They are also monitoring the evolving regulations and offering COVID-19 guidance and resources specifically for cancer patients and their families.

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Enduvo is giving educators the tools they need to deliver the best courseware for remote learning with a free license to their immersive content authoring tool and delivery platform. Teachers can create immersive instruction in minutes and deliver to any location, keeping students up-to-date and well-prepared.

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SafeTraces launched  veriDARTTM, an airborne pathogen indicator test to support the safe airflow in the built environment. The diagnostic test uses DNA-coded particles to simulate the airborne mobility of pathogenic droplets and aerosols, including COVID-19, in HVAC systems. Particles are circulated through normal airflow and ventilation allowing building owners to identify and de-risk hot spots.

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Please visit UL COVID-19 Response to learn more about how UL is responding to the pandemic around the world. You can also contact directly for more information.