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Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring and Labeling Software and Services

Global compliance requirements are becoming more complex around hazard communication. Get the SDS authoring support you need to create, maintain and distribute compliant Safety Data Sheets and labels.

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Effective SDS authoring and hazard communication compliance

You’re developing new products, entering new markets and trying to satisfy the demands of customers around the world. Between this quickly evolving regulatory environment and multi-lingual needs, authoring SDS has become significantly more complex but all the more critical.

With our expert knowledge of the global regulatory landscape, UL Solutions can offer you software and guidance to help you maintain chemical compliance in the markets where you do business. As part of ULTRUS™ software, you’ll have integrated, powerful solutions providing automation and streamlined workflows that deliver accurate data.

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Integrated SDS authoring solutions and regulatory expertise that supports ongoing compliance

When it comes to chemical products and worker or user safety, manufacturers must achieve and sustain compliance. UL Solutions can help you understand and meet global Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) standards and support your chemical compliance and data management activities, including SDS authoring and distribution, hazard labeling, material management, report creation, and workflow management.  

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Document creation and management software for automated SDS authoring and labeling

Create, analyze, manage and distribute globally compliant, multilingual hazard communication documentation including SDSs, chemical hazard labels and exposure scenarios. With a configurable and flexible software platform for businesses of all sizes, backed by world-class regulatory expertise, you can streamline and automate your authoring and material management processes and proactively adapt to global regulatory changes with confidence.

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Intelligent chemical management

Proactively manage the environmental, health and safety aspects of your materials and chemicals to reduce risks to people and the environment. With our market-leading chemical compliance solutions, you can control your inventory, create custom reports for your business, and provide the technical and compliance information required to develop products quicker, and with the regulatory insights to avoid costly delays.


Powerful data solutions for global businesses

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WERCS Studio chemical data and compliance management software

This platform is designed to help you achieve regulatory compliance, supply chain transparency and meet your sustainability goals.

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Supply Chain Network

Make critical business decisions with greater speed and confidence with Supply Chain Network. This digital solution helps you request robust supplier information from your partners around the world, improve data quality, and respond quickly to changes in formulation, physical properties or regulations.

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Illuminator regulation monitoring software

Now you can access the comprehensive ChemADVISOR Regulatory Database, personalized to your unique product portfolio and regulatory needs to facilitate streamlined compliance activities and get products to market.

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