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Comprehensive solutions that support product safety and performance across the e-Mobility value chain.

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Comprehensive solutions to support the innovative e-Mobility industry

The demand for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and battery-electric vehicles (BEV) continues to grow around the world. Vehicle manufacturers, their suppliers and other manufacturers across the value chain are bringing innovative solutions to the market as global governments commit to putting more electric vehicles (EVs) on the road.

UL Solutions helps e-mobility manufacturers pursue their innovative battery and charging technologies with confidence.

Our extensive research, testing, certification and compliance services can help you better understand, identify and mitigate safety risks, including fire, electric shock, functional safety, and EMC Immunity. Our experts combine extensive experience working across the entire automotive value chain with deep industry knowledge in key areas, including batteries and energy storage, to offer comprehensive solutions and guidance.

UL Solutions’ capabilities span electrochemical properties, environmental considerations, mechanical and electrical reliability, and durability to address the harsh conditions vehicles experience. We can help you identify the regulations and standards that apply to your products and help you understand what is needed for compliance.

As your compliance partner, we can help you improve performance, manage safety risks and demonstrate quality and compliance to existing and emerging standards. Together, we will work with you to help shape the future of EV technology.

Solutions for e-Mobility standards and compliance

In addition to addressing legacy automotive standards and regulations, electric vehicle manufacturers must also consider new and emerging requirements related to electrical safety, connectivity and interoperability with smart grid technologies.

Most automotive manufacturers and countries have set significant EV targets over the next decade, and they need reliable products to support these goals. This includes in-car technology such as batteries, connectors, on-board chargers and off-board electric vehicle charging equipment. 

New, dedicated standards are forming as this industry takes shape, and navigating these developments can be challenging. Though some standards, such as UL 2594/CSA C22.2 No. 280/NMX-J-677-ANCE, the North American end-product standards for EVSE, have been harmonized, the global compliance landscape continues to change. Whether you are manufacturing systems and accessories or supporting new technologies related to increased voltage, automatic connection or active cooling, we can help.

UL Solutions’ cross-industry expertise allows us to help you identify necessary requirements and conduct comprehensive testing for compliance. We then help you understand what your test results mean so you can design and build safe, quality products that help you strengthen trust in your brand.

Sustainable solutions for the future of e-Mobility

An essential part of supporting the future of e-mobility technology is maintaining a steady focus on our planet. 

Beyond reduced emissions, manufacturers are focusing on ways to reduce their environmental impact, and EV batteries are central to this effort. UL Solutions’ second-life electric vehicle battery repurposing testing offers new possibilities for batteries no longer suited for EV use. Showing these batteries are safe for use as stationary power sources helps reduce the need for additional battery production and shrinks landfill waste. We can also help you source sustainable materials and work toward a sustainable supply chain, helping you reduce your environmental impact throughout the manufacturing process.  


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