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Second-Life Electric Vehicle Battery Repurposing Facility Certification

Electric vehicle (EV) batteries can be repurposed as stationary power sources, reducing the need for new battery production and shrinking landfill waste. Learn how to bring safer second-life batteries to market quickly.

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Overview of EV Battery Repurposing Facilities

The need for EV battery repurposing facilities

When an electric vehicle (EV) battery reaches the end of its automotive life, it typically still has about 80% of its storage capacity. Large batteries can be repurposed as stationary power sources, reducing the need for additional battery production and shrinking landfill waste. And while repurposing has multiple benefits, facilities undertaking this important activity must meet many requirements to prepare these batteries for safer use for their second life.

UL 1974: the Standard for EV Battery Repurposing Facilities

UL Solutions audits and certifies large battery repurposing facilities to UL 1974, the Standard for Evaluation for Repurposing Batteries. This includes assessing the process for sorting and grading battery cells, packs and modules, and assessing the process to identify the battery’s continued viability and rating mechanisms for continued use. Once we validate that these processes are correctly performed, a facility can achieve a second-life battery facility certification.

Leverage the battery expertise that blazed trails for battery safety, energy storage, electrical certifications and fire propagation testing to help bring safer second-life batteries to the market quickly.

Why UL Solutions for EV Battery Facility Certification

We enable safety and accelerate innovation.

The safety process is only the beginning of UL Solutions’ expertise. Decades of knowledge and experience allow us to help innovative companies along every stage of the product development process. Complex new energy-based products continue to emerge as our world changes, and our desire for technology grows. Our ever-growing team of scientists, engineers and safety specialists work hand-in-hand with innovative companies to help reduce the obstacles faced when bringing new products to the energy market.


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