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Fuel Cell Testing and Certification

Offering testing and certification services to gauge the safety, reliability and performance of fuel cells

Polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell for transport applications


Our services provide increased confidence and transparency in the safety, reliability and performance of fuel cells.

Fuel cell usage cases are extremely broad, ranging from alternative electrical and heating sources for buildings to alternative power sources for vehicles. Fuel cells also function as renewable power sources for cellphones and other electronic equipment. They provide backup voltage sources for uninterruptible power supplies used to protect critical computer and telephone applications as well as supplemental power during periods of peak demand by utility companies.

We provide an array of services that helps to bring trustworthy products to market quickly. We develop standards and work with leading stakeholders in developing regional regulations and industry best practices.


We test and certify fuel cells to the following UL Standards for fuel cells and related energy storage technologies:

UL 2267
Standard for Fuel Cell Power Systems for Installation in Industrial Electric Trucks (2:ulstd)

UL 2262A
Outline of Investigation for Borohydride Fuel Cartridges with Integral Fuel Processing for Use with Portable Fuel Cell Power Systems or Similar Equipment (2:outline)

UL 2265A
Outline of Investigation for Hand-held or Hand-Transportable Fuel Cell Power Units with Disposable Methanol Fuel Cartridges for use in Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Information Technology Equipment

UL 2265C
Outline of Investigation for Hand-Held or Hand-Transportable Alkaline (Direct Borohydride) Fuel Cell Power Units And Borohydride Fuel Cartridges For Use With Consumer Electronics or Information Technology Equipment

Standard for Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems

Standard for Portable Fuel Cell Power Systems

IEC 62282-2
Fuel cell technologies – Part 2: Fuel cell modules

IEC 62282-3-100
Fuel cell technologies – Part 3-100: Stationary fuel cell power systems - Safety

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