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Abstract Image for UL Memorandum of Insurance

UL Memorandum of Insurance

Proof of coverage information

UL Solutions Inc. (the "UL Solutions Contracting Parties") and its subsidiaries maintain a comprehensive program of commercial insurance to protect our company interests as required by the terms of our existing signed contracts, leases, and/or agreements.         

At the below link, is the current Memorandum of Insurance (MOI) which proves UL Solutions' excellent insurance coverage.

We have created this web page for use by our vendors, clients, landlords, and any other external party who may require evidence of UL Solutions insurance on a global basis.    

This website is applicable only to those who have an underlying contract, lease, and/or agreement where UL Solutions is obligated to furnish such evidence of insurance.    

Like a Certificate of Insurance (or COI), a MOI is an entirely acceptable method to evidence proof of coverage information to other businesses or counterparties.

An electronic MOI eliminates substantial paperwork and processing time.

The MOI is regularly updated as the detailed various lines of insurance are renewed annually. Check back at this link whenever you require the latest proof that UL Solutions is well covered.