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Automotive and Commercial Vehicles

UL Solutions' comprehensive safety and performance services for automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers and tier suppliers help you build trust with customers and vehicle manufacturers.

Your globally recognized partner for navigating automotive and commercial vehicle standards, regulations and requirements 

Technology continues to transform and redefine what the world sees as possible from the automotive industry. At UL Solutions, we can help OEMs, tier suppliers and auto tech startups new to the industry navigate the complex safety, security, quality, performance, and sustainability challenges related to both existing industry expectations and new challenges.   

The industry has spent decades engineering and enhancing automotive and mobility safety to protect people in vehicles and on the road. We recognize your drive toward innovation and, acting as your partner and guide, we can deliver comprehensive advisory, testing, inspection, certification, and training services to help you remain successful and strengthen brand loyalty.   

With technology affecting everything from manufacturing processes to vehicle electronics and supporting infrastructure, traditional regulations combine with new requirements to expand the compliance landscape. Automated and autonomous technologies pair with connected and smart functionality to offer greater convenience and user comfort while electric and shared mobility demonstrate a shift toward a more sustainable, shared economy. Each of these changes present new risks related to safety and performance while also ushering in entirely new challenges associated with cybersecurity, interoperability, wireless connectivity, and machine learning.   

Our experts can help simplify these growing complexities by walking you through the process and allowing you to stand out in a competitive market by demonstrating compliance through rigorous, globally recognized testing and support services.

Comprehensive safety solutions for automotive innovations

Manufacturers are rapidly embracing innovation with an eye on a more connected future, and driver and rider safety remain paramount. Our team has extensive experience working with manufacturers across the entire automotive supply chain and can help support these changes.

In the coming years, manufacturers will need to demonstrate compliance with UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29) requirements through testing to achieve Type Approval for market access in participating countries. Additional tests and assessments, such as ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 for functional safety of electric systems, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and connectivity associated with 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, may vary by market and automotive manufacturer. In all situations, demonstrating compliance remains essential for success.

Evaluations and analytics to support automotive performance and reliability

The new technologies entering the industry must not only perform as expected, they must also stand up to the harsh environments vehicles encounter daily. This scenario creates new engineering challenges, and we are prepared to help.

With materials expertise and an understanding of industry demands, we support materials and component manufacturers throughout product development, from planning and design to material selection and testing in support of the customer’s Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). We offer physical test methods for traditional products and materials and new, emerging techniques such as additive manufacturing. We also provide chemical and analytical testing to help you identify potential risks through early development reviews and root cause analysis.

Easier material selection for automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers

Manufacturers are concerned about the safety and performance of the raw and recycled materials they select for their products. We help mitigate these concerns by helping you easily compare and source materials that best fit your products.

UL Prospector® provides raw material composition data and offers an automotive search that allows engineers to identify materials that are OEM approved. Similarly, UL Solutions' Product iQ provides a comprehensive database of UL Solutions certified products and components, allowing you to review UL Solutions guide information and find alternative certified products to avoid potential delays.

Together with our industry experts, these databases offer peace of mind and help you select products that make the most sense for your designs.

Technical information

UL 4600 Standard for Evaluation of Autonomous Products
ISO/DIS 21448 Road vehicles – Safety of the intended functionality
ISO 26262:2018 Road vehicles – Functional safety


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