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Chemical Data Management

Centralize chemical and material data to meet regulatory requirements, create transparency and enable safe product handling from development through disposal.

Proactively manage chemical data and regulatory requirements

Our chemical data management platform is a proven leader in the global marketplace as a complete, flexible and scalable platform. This powerful software solution offers the ability to integrate with systems (internal or external) and is wrapped with a comprehensive set of chemical regulations and rules to help you get products into the market quickly, accurately and in a scalable fashion while automating the required documentation.

When chemical data is not available in-house or needs to be collected or shared up and down the supply chain, turn to UL Solutions’ best-in-class solutions. Whether it is collecting critical supplier questionnaire product information or registering product information for retailers, managing and protecting confidential data is paramount. We are a proven third-party intermediary for transferring sensitive and proprietary data throughout the supply chain.

We help customers around the globe with multiple stages of their chemical data management journey. From development and defining their sustainability goals to navigating the changing regulatory landscape, we work with the world’s top suppliers, manufacturers and retailers as a trusted provider.

As a leader in chemical data and safety, UL Solutions knows the importance of effective chemical data management and brings powerful solutions to the market. These datasets and software offerings provide comprehensive chemical data management, delivering confidence in compliance, safety and decision making.

The challenges around chemical data management are substantial. Companies need accurate data to comply with regulations, provide better employee and public safety, and protect the environment. It is often difficult to secure data from suppliers and to successfully manage data within an organization. Once  secured, chemical data often becomes siloed, making it difficult to consolidate data across the extended enterprise.”

UL Solutions helps customers source supply chain data and assess product formulations and bills of materials (BOM).  Collaborating with customers for decades has allowed us to demonstrate effective chemical data management across many different industries.

From day one of the product development cycle to disposing of or recycling a product and every step of the journey along the way, chemical and material data must be available, transparent and well managed. The need for good product data is why many product developers, engineers and formulators begin by researching and securing product data from two trusted and robust product databases available today — UL Prospector® and UL Product iQ™.


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