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Protect your brand and make your products stand out in the marketplace by leveraging our safety, sustainability and regulatory expertise.

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Appliance testing and certification through UL Solutions sets your brand apart. When your appliances have undergone testing and certification through a recognized third-party provider like UL Solutions, your customers can be confident that your appliances have met stringent standards for safety, sustainability and performance. Market leaders trust UL Solutions to certify their product safety and verify performance and quality. As a leading global certifier for UL and IEC-based standards, we’ll work to help you learn how to mitigate the risks of bringing innovative and technically complex products to market.

Local service, global reach

Wherever in the world you produce products, we provide resources to meet your appliance testing and certification needs. Our worldwide presence provides easy and quick localized access to our offerings, with the expertise of a global leader in testing and certification. Our portfolio includes testing, inspection, certification, advisory and knowledge solutions for electrical and gas safety, ultraviolet (UV) germicidal lighting, smart home connectivity, UL Marketing Claim Verification, food contact sanitation and beyond. Let UL Solutions simplify certification by helping you:

  • Understand emerging industry and product trends, technologies and compliance needs.
  • Verify that your products meet performance and energy efficiency targets when you engage our performance, benchmarking and Marketing Claim Verification services to differentiate your products in the market.
  • Use our standards tools and training to learn how to reduce risks associated with implementing innovative features.
  • Leverage our world-class compliance training to help you comply with regulations and requirements around the world.
  • Save time by serving as a single source for testing, certification and go-to-market expertise.
  • Complement your engineering expertise with our knowledgeable on-call staff.
  • Meet changing regulations quickly.

Trust: Experts and solutions

When you work with UL Solutions, our expert engineers help educate your staff in understanding regulations and evaluating risks, empowering you to strengthen the safety, security and sustainability of your products and protect your brand reputation.

As a full-service compliance solution provider with key stakeholder relationships and a reputation for thought leadership, our global team actively participates in standards development and can help keep you ahead of the curve on new and evolving regulations and industry standards for many regional and global energy efficiency programs.


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