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Instill customer confidence in the safety, sustainability and security of your HVACR brand. Partner with UL Solutions, the world’s safety science leader in HVAC testing and equipment certification.

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UL Solutions' HVACR testing and certification: go green, go global and gain customer trust

The HVACR industry is changing faster than ever before as companies consolidate and go global in the race to win market share.

In the ever-connected world, smart homes and the smart HVACR equipment that connect them are becoming more common. This new world offers opportunities to curb climate emissions, which governments will regulate, and eco-conscious consumers will demand. Amid these trends, HVACR brands must offer unique product features while maintaining strict standards of safety, sustainability and security, as well as compliance with global regulations.

UL Solutions’ expert engineers can help HVACR manufacturers meet end consumer, retailer and installer expectations, and comply with the world’s evolving environmental and safety regulations in all HVACR industry segments.

    Is your HVAC brand ready to meet industry demands?

    UL Solutions can help you to:

    • Understand HVACR customers’ needs as well as the regulatory environment in all countries to meet safety and energy efficiency requirements.
    • Differentiate your products in various global markets by verifying marketing claims that highlight your unique selling proposition,
    • Be ready as a sustainable player to meet HVACR customer needs, like low global warming potential and low flammability refrigerants.
    • Implement innovative solutions that reduce warranty claims and protect your brand reputation.
    • Lead in connected technology by enhancing user experience while minimizing security risks.
    • Quickly respond to dynamic regulatory changes.

    Trusted HVACR testing and certification experts

    Entrust your brand to the world’s leading third-party expert in testing, certification, anti-counterfeiting and beyond. Partnering with our team of expert engineers helps you achieve product conformance and meet your desired efficiency and performance goals.

    UL Solutions is your single source worldwide for safety certification including:

    • Testing – We test your products to meet all local requirements worldwide. Our UL Mark differentiates your product as certified by the world’s safety science leader.
    • Certification – As your trusted testing partner, we help provide peace of mind that your new products that bear the UL Mark are tested to the highest standards of quality, differentiating your product in the market as certified for safety; helping build customer confidence.
    • Advisory – UL Solutions helps you leverage the right people at the right time without sacrificing quality. Around the world we offer expert standards training, benchmarking services and product development assistance by working to identify potential quality issues through various accelerated life testing giving you peace of mind when launching new or retooled products.
    • Standards collaboration – We are a trusted adviser for regulators and other authorities, which allows UL Solutions to help shape standards in order to move the HVACR industry forward.

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