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Pressure Equipment Directive Services

UL can help streamline your market access for pressure equipment to Europe as a Notified Body under the directive.

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A pressure Equipment Directive (PED) notified body that can help accelerate market access

What is PED certification?

If you design or manufacture certain types of pressure equipment for the EEA market, you will need your equipment certified by a Notified Body. In order to get European Union (EU) market access, the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) outlines standards for the design and fabrication of pressure equipment used in the EU market. It is important to find an accredited and trusted industry partner with extensive global expertise in pressure equipment and assemblies to achieve certification.

Speed to market is critical to compete in today’s modern world. Manufacturers need to innovate safely, mitigate risk and access global markets. As a trusted Notified Body, we perform Pressure Equipment Directive services including evaluation, certification and quality audits, to streamline a cost efficient process that ultimately helps get you to market faster. You can rely on our expertise to help you cut through the complexity of the process, minimize compliance and regulatory delays, and do it with quicker turnaround time – accelerating your market access.

Pressure Equipment Directive compliance for European approval of pressure equipment materials

The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) is European legislation covering the design, manufacturing and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and assemblies with a maximum allowable pressure greater than 0.5 bar or 7.25 pounds per square inch. The PED affects most pressure equipment and assembly manufacturers that want to gain market access in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Pressure Equipment Directive scope details

We have been notified for assessment and certification for the following:

Module A2 – Internal Production Control plus supervised product checks at random interval

  • Module B(P) – EU-Type Examination (production type)
  • Module B(D) – EU-Type Examination (design type)
  • Module C2 – Conformity to type based on internal production control plus supervised product checks at random intervals
  • Module D – Conformity to type based on quality assurance of the production process
  • Module D1 – Quality assurance of the production process
  • Module E – Conformity to type based on product quality assurance
  • Module E1 – Conformity to type based on product quality assurance
  • Module F – Conformity to type based on product verification
  • Module G – Conformity based on unit verification
  • Module H – Conformity based on full quality assurance
  • Module H1 – Conformity based on full quality assurance plus design examination

As a recognized third-party organization, we can also provide evaluations and certification of permanent joining procedures and personnel as follows:

  • Qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials
  • Qualification of brazing procedures
  • Qualification welders and welding operators
  • Qualification of brazers and brazing operators

Pressure Equipment Directive training

New to PED? Our industry experts are available to support your learning needs from personalized one-on-one meetings to larger virtual classroom training sessions. We can get your staff up to speed on PED, where and how it applies and on the path to certification.

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