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Hazardous Locations Advisory Services

Advisory services may be leveraged earlier in a project value chain to reduce delays.

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Engage early with UL advisory services for HazLoc and leverage faster time to market 

Advisory services can help you navigate and understand the complex world of conformity assessment and the associated requirements providing an optimized and value-engineered package that is trusted and repeatable. Early engagement with our hazardous locations (HazLoc) advisory services can help reduce time, thereby saving cost and frustration in many aspects of compliance projects, or even projects not heading for a final certification. This will allow manufacturers to create a risk mitigation plan to know most of the risks from the beginning – for faster time to market. 

Manufacturers can gain competitive advantage by involving HazLoc experts early in the process. Our trusted HazLoc experts have extensive knowledge, are members on the various technical committees and have experience with many compliant projects. Our team will work closely with your engineering, project management, technical compliance and quality teams – from C-suite to shop floor – to maximize your market opportunities using our global industry experience. 

Whitepaper: Advisory Services for Hazardous Locations

Demonstrating Technical Compliance Regarding Testing, Inspection and Certification from a Collaborative Perspective

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Webinar: UL Advisory Services for the Industrial Sector

Learn how UL can help you speed time to market by involving technical advisers.

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Our hazardous locations advisory services

We can help you manage all elements of project risk associated with mandatory, voluntary and customer approvals by design. This more effectively supports your project with the goal of increasing your speed to market.

Many of our Hazloc solutions engineers and experts are involved in global standardization. Additionally with a deep bench of expertise in many industries, you can trust a support network that is leading the world on HazLoc safety compliance.

A dedicated expert will work with you from project ideation through decommissioning. This eliminates interpretation issues that frequently happen when projects are handed off.

UL's HazLoc advisory services for the global marketplace

  • Conducting a Preliminary Investigation
  • Clarifying certification, regulatory and standard (technical) requirements
  • Referencing the need to comply with a standard or similar
  • Conducting testing (including validation or performance testing) and reporting results
  • Confirming compliance with the standard
  • Explaining findings
  • Discussions of product concepts and how the standard applies
  • Discussion of new product concepts in order to consider developing new certification requirements
  • Evaluation of installation instructions and use manuals
  • Participating in design reviews with comments limited to compliance with applicable certification requirements
  • Custom services are also available

Areas of expertise

  • Assemblies
  • Digitization of oil and gas industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cybersecurity, risk analysis, HazLoc compliance
  • Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) supply chain conformance
  • Functional safety (risk reduction, safety instrumented functions, safety integrity levels, safety instrumented systems)
  • Discrete product expertise (in areas such as gas detectors, heaters, industrial and process controls, intrinsic safety systems and descriptive system documentation support, luminaires, motors, plant oil extraction equipment, programmable logic controllers, robotics signaling equipment, wearable technologies, wireless communication, and pressure equipment)
  • Oil and gas integrated management system accreditation support
  • Skid package value engineering and modularization
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