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IoT Device Security

Empowering trust in the marketplace by helping improve the security of IoT devices and systems through our full suite of cybersecurity solutions.

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Importance of building cybersecurity into IoT devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides amazing possibilities for product development and is accelerating innovation at perhaps the fastest rate in history. Things that were nearly unheard of just a few years ago — tracking wellness on your watch or phone, a refrigerator that orders your groceries for you, payment from your phone with biometrics, and even mobile driver’s licenses are all now reality.

Building cybersecurity into connected devices is a critical component needed to unlock the vast potential of IoT innovation. If done well, it empowers companies to successfully implement their business strategy, mitigate risks, protect their brand reputation, create product differentiation, and establish market leadership.

UL Solutions helps innovators create safer, more secure products, devices and technologies to enable their safe adoption by guiding them through the growing complexities across the supply chain.

Interconnected technology is inherently linked with cyberthreats used by attackers who manipulate software vulnerabilities and weak links in ecosystems. As these threats continue to rise, companies must build cybersecurity into their organization, processes and product development life cycle, including updates and end-of-life after successful launch. Otherwise they risk being bypassed by competitors or, worse yet, may find themselves the center of the next breach.

Recent UL Solutions achievements include recognition from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for UL Solutions' cybersecurity Standard for testing of medical devices, designation as an Amazon-approved lab to perform security assessments for Alexa-enabled devices, standardizing the mobile driver’s license globally, and authorization as an approved cybersecurity provider for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

While there is no silver bullet for solving IoT cybersecurity challenges, companies must begin to understand and address cybersecurity risks. This enables them to continue innovating and tackling an increasingly complex world of product and system interconnectivity with greater confidence.

Why UL Solutions for IoT device security

As the global leader in safety science, we empower trust in the marketplace by helping manufacturers and brands improve the security of IoT products, devices and systems through our full suite of cybersecurity solutions. These services are designed to help you understand and manage your risks, secure your products, and protect your brand’s integrity.

Benefits of working with UL Solutions for cybersecurity include:

  • Independent trusted third party
  • More than 20 years of cybersecurity expertise
  • More than 550 security analysts globally
  • Extensive knowledge of best practices
  • Full life cycle solutions
  • Industry knowledge
  • Providing cybersecurity assurance
  • Cybersecurity and safety
  • Certification to standards

“Working with UL on cybersecurity provides us with a competitive advantage because of that independent third-party verification. We think that carries a lot of weight, it carries a lot of value and provides trust to our customers going forward.”

 - Michael Regelski, Eaton Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer - Electrical Sector


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