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Building Confidence in IoT Technologies

Learn how UL is empowering trust in the technologies used to power our connected lives. In this video, discover how UL has partnered with LG to advance innovation, safety, quality and sustainability in the technologies that help us live connected lives.

Wireless Vacuum

IoT safety 

With so much innovation in IoT, the world is continuously becoming linked with smart devices and technologies. Tech companies are designing, building and installing products that are revolutionizing relationships between industries. From technologies such as wearable devices, to home appliances, to industrial manufacturing and transportation, our homes and communities are experiencing the benefits of an exponential curve in tech. 

Of course, with innovation comes the risks and complexities of navigating an advanced world. Brand new devices that promise security and ease for everyday life can also generate challenges in the implementation and installation process—issues inherent to any stretch of uncharted territory. This is where we want to help: It all comes down to supporting impeccable IoT safety and testing. 

IoT for home and workplace safety 

We strive to provide trust in the technologies of our connected lives and ensure the safety of the future.The complexity of the IoT market challenges us to break new ground in safety testing, security solutions, testing environments and compliance strategies.  

To address tomorrow’s way of life, we test smart products under pressure of real world scenarios. We want to help ensure that your devices function properly when using state-of-the-art tech to engage in everyday activities, such as washing clothes, controlling the temperature of your environment or programing your home security. 

At UL Solutions, we stay once step ahead of the changing and emergent IoT requirements. To give you a sense of our dedication the quality of both your home and workplace lives, here is a quick overview of some of the standards and industries we’re continuously interested in implementing: 

  • New cyber security standards for emergency systems such as fire alarms, intrusion systems and cameras.  
  • Expanding regulatory performance offerings to meet increasing demand in automotive, audio and smart home industries.  

IoT success story: LG product 

At the rate in which LG's broad product line is advancing the state of artificial intelligence, achieving successful product compliance and testing is critical for the implementation of LG products.

With so much potential tech evolution at stake, we're proud to have partnered with LG to help them deliver high-quality and secure products with confidence. LG and other tech companies serve a vital role in building the artificial intelligences that will redefine how the world lives, works and plays. We believe these three domains of human action will bear the brunt of AI's impact, thus serving as the basis of our commitment to helping LG bring their projects to fruition, to market and into the future. 

Our work with LG is an example of our dedication to helping clients navigate the risks and challenges of IoT. We are committed to advancing the innovation, safety, quality and sustainability of our connected lives.