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Supply Chain Network

With this powerful digital platform, you can collect critical product data from your supply chain partners, protect confidential business information, save time and improve data accuracy.

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Improve your supply chain data with a robust material data collection platform

With Supply Chain Network, you can more effectively communicate across your entire supply chain — no matter how complex. Gather, analyze and manage product-related data quickly and accurately so you can make critical business decisions that support your business and compliance needs. Want to see Supply Chain Network in action?

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Overcome data collection management challenges

Do your team and your supply chain partners spend countless hours completing or following up on manual data requests for product-related data? Supply Chain Network, part of ULTRUS™ software from UL Solutions, offers a digital, time-saving solution that features replicable frameworks that allow you to quickly create questionnaires, monitor responses and analyze data within a secure environment. Not only does it eliminate a lot of manual work, it also improves the quality of data.  This helps businesses get the critical data necessary to make decisions quickly and with greater confidence.

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Enhance supplier data quality

Digital templates, consistent formatting and request tracking help reduce errors that may ripple through the supply chain.

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Accelerate international cooperation

Translation capabilities help you overcome language barriers and support more accurate communication across global suppliers.

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Make decisions quickly and with confidence

When you have more reliable data, you can take action to meet consumer needs and regulatory demands.


Value for buyers and sellers


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Easily manage frequently changing information due to changes in formulation, physical properties or regulations
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Save and store confidential business information on our secure, reliable network
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Boost data quality and accuracy
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Get questionnaires completed and returned quicker
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Reduce the risk of passing inaccurate data throughout your supply chain
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Help suppliers connect with multiple buyers by giving them the option to share data


For Suppliers

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Ready to transform your supply chain data management?

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