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Comprehensive furniture solutions to help you mitigate safety risks while focusing on performance, sustainability, and health and wellness.

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Furniture solutions to help strengthen your brand and simplify market access

Furniture of every shape, size and function lines showrooms, sits displayed at retail and fills both commercial and residential spaces. We use furniture to help our homes, offices, storefronts and more feel livable, comfortable and functional. Similarly, we rely on these everyday products to meet our expectations for performance, comfort, safety, and health and wellness.

Our solutions for the furniture and bedding industries can help you meet these expectations while demonstrating trust to customers at every level. From residential furnishings and bedding to commercial and retail needs, our full suite of furniture advisory, testing, verification and certification offerings helps you understand the requirements for market access, differentiate in the global furniture market and feel confident in your products.

UL Solutions puts relationships first to help ensure your furniture is safer, more reliable, and more sustainable.

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Our team of experts monitors the growing complexities of the global furniture supply chain and can help you minimize risks with your partners. We work closely with your team to help you navigate local and national regulatory requirements, meet customer specifications and efficiently respond to market demands, while helping you understand every test result and finding along the way. Collectively, these efforts help you remain competitive as we work together toward a safer, more sustainable future for the furniture industry.

Building trust with comprehensive solutions for residential and commercial furniture

The global furniture market is massive, covering everything from the small accent furniture we use in our homes to larger upholstered pieces, solid wood and composite goods, commercial furnishing, and mattresses. Requirements vary from one product or market to the next, but safety, performance, sustainability, and health and wellness remain important for manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike.

UL Solutions' deep industry experience can help answer your questions, simplify the regulatory process, and support your efforts in achieving market readiness. Regulations within the global furniture industry will likely continue changing, and UL’s experts stay up to date, allowing us to help guide you through the process.

We work to ensure you understand applicable regulations and certifications while also showing you why testing is required and what your results mean. This offers a deeper understanding that can help you identify product-specific design considerations, address product recalls in support of continued brand integrity and understand the demands of new markets.

We also support innovation and provide comprehensive services for new designs such as electrified furniture products that offer ergonomic adjustments, device charging and more. Whether you are looking to expand your reach by entering new global markets or working to ensure the suitability of your products in both commercial and residential settings, UL Solutions can help guide you through the process.

Furniture test equipment solutions offer manufacturers greater independence

Many manufacturers perform in-house testing to streamline the process and build confidence in their products. UL Solutions supports this effort by designing and building world-class furniture testing equipment and accessories. In addition to traditional equipment, including Multi-task Furniture Machines, Universal Cyclic Test Machines and weight bags, we can partner with your team to design and build custom testing machines that meet your specific needs.

Focusing on retail fixtures to support display safety and performance

UL Solutions' experts help provide confidence that your commercial and retail display products perform as expected. With testing and evaluation to UL 970, the Standard for Retail Fixtures and Merchandise Displays, we can evaluate these fixtures for compliance with applicable regulations. Our experienced team also provides on-site evaluation for products already in the field.

Our solutions are designed to meet the needs to today’s more complex, innovative displays, and we can work with you to create custom guidelines that help address your specific risks.

Keeping health and wellness front and center for people and planet

UL Solutions' experience throughout the furniture industry can also help you demonstrate an actionable commitment to our planet and your customers.

Along with focusing on specific products, manufacturers must also work to demonstrate the environmental impact of their supply chain. Our commitment to sustainability allows our experts to help you identify potential issues and minimize your environmental impact. This helps you demonstrate your commitment through the products you produce and the processes that support your business.


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