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Household and Residential Furniture

Comprehensive solutions to help manufacturers and retailers of household and residential furniture products demonstrate safety, performance and sustainability

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Household and residential furniture solutions to support safety, performance and durability

Residential furniture of every shape, size and function lines showrooms, sits displayed at retail and fills our homes and outdoor spaces. Every piece of furniture plays an important role in our day-to-day life, and UL Solutions’ experts are ready to help manufacturers and retailers ensure their products meet or exceed regulations and customer expectations for performance, comfort, safety and health and wellness.

We understand manufacturers and retailers alike rely on the quality and performance of their products to maintain their brand reputation. Our extensive experience throughout the furniture industry and across the supply chain provides us with knowledge of global markets and enables us to act as an advisor throughout the product design and manufacturing process.

Our full range of solutions address performance, durability, safety, flammability, chemical testing and sustainability programs for residential furniture, including outdoor furniture. We can work with you to help you identify applicable standards, thoroughly explain what testing is required, and then help you understand what your specific results mean. This collaborative approach is especially helpful when working to overcome product issues or recalls as quickly and effectively as possible.

Together, these solutions help offer you greater confidence in the products you sell while helping your customers feel more confident with your brand.

Comprehensive testing and certification services for your residential furniture products

Testing and certifying your furniture products is an effective way to differentiate your products in the market. This process also helps you build trust with customers and supply chain partners. With UL Solutions as your testing partner, you can quickly identify the regulations and standards that affect your products, helping you better prepare for market access.

UL Solutions’ experts conduct testing and evaluations to assess the safety of household furnishings according to UL 962, the Standard for Household and Commercial Furnishings, which includes guidance for testing mattresses and outdoor furniture, including mechanical safety for tables and seating. We can help you address both mandatory and voluntary environmental requirements, as well.

You can leverage UL Solutions’ regulatory, safety and global-market expertise to help you gain a competitive edge for your residential furniture products. Whether you are pursuing safety, performance or sustainability at a global or national level, we can tailor our offerings to meet your specific business needs, plans and budgetary requirements. We can also help you address product recalls through testing that will help you identify the root cause of the issue and work toward mitigation. 

Accessing multiple, comprehensive solutions from one central source helps you avoid redundant testing, eliminate the frustrations of managing multiple vendors and mitigate risks while realizing your larger business goals.

Safety and performance for outdoor furniture

The furniture outside our homes is just as important as the pieces we use in our homes. To help manufacturers and retailers build confidence with customers, UL Solutions can test outdoor furnishings for dangers such as corrosion, stability, strength, shear and pinch points, endurance, and durability. UL 4041, an Outline of Investigation for Outdoor Furniture, helps manufacturers differentiate in the market

Sustainability solutions for your residential furniture products

Significant investments in the industry are pushing for tangible sustainability initiatives that impact both the products themselves and the manufacturing processes that bring them to the global market.

As the exclusive provider of our UL GREENGUARD® Certification, we help you communicate safety and quality to consumers. Products that are GREENGUARD Certified also help support healthier indoor environments. Backed by rigorous third-party testing, our GREENGUARD Certification certifies that a product has low chemical emissions while helping you mitigate risks, reduce customer complaints, and differentiate from other products on the market.


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