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Furniture Quality Assurance and Regulatory Protocols

UL Solutions' comprehensive quality assurance programs address compliance and quality to help furniture retailers and manufacturers confidently launch successful products.

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Furniture quality assurance solutions to help mitigate risk

Along with working to produce and sell the safest possible furniture products, manufacturers and retailers must work to ensure the continued quality and reliable performance of these products every step of the way. Though safety remains a central focus, quality assurance requires unique expertise.

UL Solutions, as a globally trusted third-party provider of testing and certification, can work with you to help you maintain quality throughout the supply chain and in every product you sell.

In addition to our full range of testing services, our extensive furniture quality assurance services and regulatory protocols help manufacturers, importers, exporters and retailers of furnishings maintain supply chain security and product integrity. Our experts are prepared to guide you through the safety and quality assessment process one step at a time to help you understand what you need and how we can work together to get you there.

UL Solutions’ deep expertise in this area enables our dedicated furniture testing team to understand your business while helping you better understand the needs of both new and familiar markets. We deliver exceptional, knowledge-based solutions through programs that are customized to meet your unique needs. These services help build trust across the supply chain while helping you feel more confident about the products you produce, distribute and sell.

Supporting furniture supply chain transparency, quality and integrity

Global supply chains are increasingly sophisticated and complex. The success of these multi-tiered systems depends on every part of the chain operating with integrity. When furniture products fail to meet regulations or consumer expectations, companies face potential damage to their reputation and lost sales. UL Solutions understands that safe, high-quality, high-performing products rely on multiple upstream partners, and our quality assurance solutions help improve accountability and increase confidence. Rather than simply identifying potential issues, we will help you understand what may be leading to those results, so you feel better prepared to move forward.

We are trusted by global retailers and manufacturers to provide customized solutions that help meet regulatory demands, secure supply chains, and accelerate global market access. UL Solutions' team of furniture experts can provide data that helps drive vendor selection and product improvement decisions. From compliance issues to trade challenges, we work with you to navigate the complexities of the global marketplace. Together, we can help:

  • Reduce regulatory risks
  • Overcome product defects
  • Minimize returns
  • Increase customer satisfaction

From more responsible sourcing, including supply chain monitoring, to Global Market Access, our services help you verify your products meet regulatory requirements while quickly responding to market demands. This helps create confidence and trust between supply chain partners which, in turn, can help you produce products that meet both regulatory protocols and customer expectations.


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