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Supply Chain Quality Assurance Testing

Our detailed safety and quality assessments help detect variances and defects at critical checkpoints throughout your supply chain.

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From prototyping to packaging and distribution, we can help with quality control processes to help ensure that your furniture is being manufactured in the most efficient way possible while maintaining its structural integrity — a benefit to both you and your consumers. Our detailed safety and quality assessments help detect variances at critical checkpoints throughout your supply chain and once identified, help you correct any defects.

Services include:

  • Top of Production (TOP) Inspections
  • In-Process Quality Checks (DU PRO)
  • Final Random Inspections
  • Loading Inspections
  • Factory Capability and Social Compliance Audits


Our services assure retailers that your products have met the highest standards in the industry and are being transported appropriately. This is in an effort to help reduce:

  • Product returns
  • Customer complaints
  • Damage to inventory and loss

Why UL Solutions

UL Solutions has been a trusted testing resource since 1894, so we can help guide you through the safety and quality assessment process — one step at a time. Our deep expertise in this area enables our dedicated furniture testing team to deliver exceptional, knowledge-based customer service that is unparalleled in the industry. You can trust that we’ll work closely with you to ensure a smooth and efficient assessment of your processes and products.


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