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Aerospace and Defense

Stages helps ease your digital engineering transformation to address major trends.

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Digital engineering plays a crucial role in aerospace and defense projects by revolutionizing the way systems are designed, developed, and maintained. Next-generation, model-based engineering (MBE) enables virtual prototyping and simulation, agile development, data-driven decision-making and other digital techniques along the entire product lifecycle.


Digital engineering process impacts

Most organizations in the aerospace and defense market have launched transformation initiatives to address the major trends and requirements in the market. All these initiatives have one thing in common: they change the way of work for participants and therefore change processes and command media. However, this transition cannot be efficiently accomplished by modifying hundreds of process documents. Command media and process descriptions must be fully digital, model-based, and seamlessly integrated with the engineering tools.


Testimonial - Honeywell Aerospace

"We have adopted Stages as our fundamental platform for all engineering processes."
Kyle Gehan, senior manager, Honeywell Aerospace



Stages and Raytheon Technologies:

A journey to partnership in the development and deployment of a business-wide command media implementation.
Interview with Dan Gurry, RI&S Mission Assurance Director at Raytheon Technologies


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A leading solution for digital process and command media management

Using Stages can lead to up to a 66% reduction of process and command media material and 4x shorter process change cycle times.

Stages features

  • Integrated modeling of processes and value streams.
  • Role-based process views.
  • Process tailoring for specific programs and projects.
  • Process execution across engineering workflow systems.
  • Compliance mapping to standards like AS9100D, DO-178C or ARP4754A.

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