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Prospector® Material Discovery

Rapidly scan 260,000+ materials across 10 industries to find the materials for innovative products and grow market share. See how this powerful search engine will transform how you develop products.

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Powerful search functionality makes better decisions possible

Prospector enables formulators and product developers to view materials from global suppliers based on specific product development needs. With a complementary membership, you can view technical documentation for each material, contact suppliers and request samples (for certain material types). Additional advanced licenses allow members to add on features like restricted substance and regulatory lists for personal care materials or property search functionality for plastics materials.

Prospector is part of ULTRUS™ software from UL Solutions that helps you drive more efficient product formulation and development. Create your complimentary Prospector account today to streamline your material research process.

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An introduction to Prospector Material Discovery

See how access to a rich source of material data can transform and simplify your product development needs.

Identify the materials you need from suppliers around the world

Prospector is more than just a repository of data; it’s a feature-packed resource that supports more effective material research. Search by keyword, manufacturer or product name, request samples, review technical documentation and reach out directly to suppliers.

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Comprehensive information across many industries

For more than 20 years, the Prospector search engine has served as a go-to resource for product developers to find what they need. For example, plastics engineers use Prospector to find resins, OEM-approved automotive plastics and biopolymers and research Yellow Card certifications. In the personal care industry, Prospector provides early insights into regulatory and retailer requirements, as well as natural product certification information.

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Use Prospector to find materials data relevant to your industry, including:

More than 20 years serving the world's top manufacturers
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Adhesives and sealants
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Food, beverage and nutrition
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Graphic arts and inks
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Household, industrial and institutional cleaners
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Lubricant and metalworking fluids
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Paint and coatings
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Personal care and cosmetics
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Plastic additives
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Accessible and multilingual

Available on any connected device and in 8 languages

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Instant access to technical data

Find material data and documentation from 10,000+ global suppliers

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Industry education and trends

Stay current with insights with the Prospector Knowledge Center



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