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Terms and Legal Information

Agreements applicable to the delivery of UL services

Legal information

On this page, you’ll find the terms and conditions covering delivery of services by companies affiliated with UL Solutions Inc. (the "UL Solutions Contracting Parties")  pursuant to the Global Services Agreement (“GSA”). Each service agreement will consist of three elements:

  • GSA containing legal terms and conditions
  • Service Terms for the applicable services
  • Quotation provided to customers to estimate cost of service and identify the applicable UL Contracting Party

Both the GSA and Service Terms are incorporated by reference in each Quotation provided to customers. The Quotation, the GSA and the applicable Service Terms together constitute the entire agreement governing the delivery of requested services by the applicable UL Contracting Party.

We encourage you to review the Service Terms covering the service you’ve requested. You can print a copy of the Service Terms for your project records.

Visitor agreements

You can also access our Visitor Agreements, which you’ll need to comply with when visiting any of our global facilities or offices. These agreements were designed to protect the privacy of all of our customers and help keep our guests safe.

Contact us

Please direct any questions regarding the contents of this page to our Customer Service team.

Global Services Agreement

Terms that govern all our customer interactions

GSA Service Terms

Agreements applicable to specific services

Service Terms for UL Services

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Follow-Up Service Terms

Review our Follow-up Services Agreement to understand the agreement that governs our work with customers.

UL Memorandum of Insurance

Evidence of UL’s global insurance coverage

iVisitor Agreement

Protecting you, our customers and us during your visit to UL.