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UL Solutions Careers

Learn about our company, search for open positions and discover your role in working for a safer world.

Explore careers at UL Solutions

You have a unique opportunity to be part of a global team working toward a common goal to make the world a safer, more secure and sustainable place to live, work and play. Every day, thousands of UL Solutions colleagues wake up to fulfill this purpose. Our team of smart, skilled and collaborative professionals are dedicated to their crafts and our mission at large.

UL Solutions is a place that offers big growth possibilities. We encourage pushing boundaries, active curiosity and asking the tough questions — both in your day-to-day life and as you grow your career with us. We know we’ll get great results this way, and you’ll be happier too, which is a win-win in our book.

Your work here is an exciting journey that twists and turns every day. We thrive in the twists and revel in the turns. 

This is our every day.

This Is Our Normal

Our mission

UL Solutions was founded by William Henry Merrill, Jr., in 1894.  Grounded in pioneering safety science, standards creation and product certification, we’ve helped safety keep pace from the machine age to the digital age and remain committed to our mission to promote safe living and working environments for people everywhere. We are proud that the work we do every day has a meaningful contribution to society. Working for a safer world helps us sleep better at night, and we are confident that the millions of people we support rest easier too.

Our people

When companies need it done right, they come to us. They trust our team of experts to deliver the best outcomes in safety, security and sustainability  and we do, time and time again. Our reputation has been built on our long-standing track record of integrity and our commitment to our customers. We deliver the best because we employ the best. We excel in our respective fields to create new solutions and solve the toughest challenges. We listen to, learn from and challenge each other every day so that we can continually push for excellence and results. Living these values every day is why we’re entrusted to safeguard the world’s goods, services and technologies.

Interesting work

The work that goes on inside UL Solutions is fueling the future in so many ways. From data and insights to beauty and ballistics, we touch billions of products — and the brands that develop them — and systems that are used and distributed around the globe and found in people's daily lives. Our work is challenging and diverse — we’re proud to be leading the way as a trusted adviser who fights for what’s right and will rise to any and every challenge to help our partners. Satisfying? Yes. Exciting? Absolutely.

Grow and achieve

To provide the best for our customers, we push for excellence so we can exceed their expectations. The same holds true for our employees  we encourage them to dream big, test the limits of what they can do, learn from mistakes and get better every day. Growth and development are part of our DNA.

We learn, work and grow together  we achieve great things because we collaborate and co-create. The world’s evolving risks and our global growth means that we do this across businesses, geographic boundaries and functions.

Our working environment is a launch pad for our employees to excel. Their growth is supported with targeted development, rewards and recognition programs, so that they can maximize their potential to take care of our customers.

Total rewards

Our total rewards and flexible work programs are designed with your well-being in mind  the ones who fulfill UL Solutions’ mission every day. 

We recognize that the ability to enable flexible working plays a fundamental role in achieving our business objectives, in addition to our commitment to diversity, inclusion and providing opportunities for all of our employees. We support a flexible work environment that enhances productivity, efficiency and delivery of results as employees balance life and work responsibilities. Globalization, shifting demographics and changing work preferences all impact the lines between career and personal life that are becoming more fluid. UL Solutions is committed to providing our employees with effective work/life integration.