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Market Surveillance

UL Solutions' market surveillance activities protect the integrity of our work by investigating product incident reports and by proactively surveying products on the market.

Report a concern

Product Incident Reports

UL Solutions opens product incident reports to investigate concerns about UL certified products sent to UL Solutions by consumers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and authorities having jurisdiction. When a product incident report is opened, UL Solutions verifies the concern, works to determine the root cause and takes appropriate action to resolve the concern.

Anyone can report an incident with a UL certified product to UL Solutions, including product manufacturers, authorities having jurisdiction, consumers, distributors, installers and other certification agencies.

Those reporting a product incident will receive an acknowledgment that UL Solutions has received their submission and notification when an investigation has begun. The submitter’s personal data is considered confidential and will not be shared with the manufacturer unless permission is granted by the submitter. UL Solutions staff may contact the submitter during the investigation to obtain additional information. Investigations can take a few days to several months to complete, depending upon their complexity.

Notice is sent to the submitter upon completion of the investigation. This completion letter may omit details about the outcome of the investigation because information may be proprietary to the manufacturer. UL Solutions will take appropriate corrective action, and when warranted a UL Solutions public notice may be issued.

The following are examples of what should be reported:

  • Fire, shock or other personal injury or property damage allegedly caused by UL certified products
  • Misuse or misrepresentation of a UL Mark
  • Noncompliance with UL Solutions requirements for that product
  • Unauthorized or counterfeit UL Marks
  • Inappropriate or unauthorized reference(s) to UL Solutions on packaging, web sites, brochures or ads
  • Application of UL certification Mark labels to products in the field

Market Survey Program

UL Solutions also conducts annual market surveys on products authorized to bear a UL Mark. Samples of UL certified products are purchased from the marketplace and undergo testing and construction reviews to determine if the products comply with UL Solutions requirements. Product incident reports are opened when noncompliant results are found. Evaluating whether products sold to the public comply with UL Solutions requirements provides a check on UL Solutions' product certification and mark integrity programs.