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Automotive and Mobility

Use our expertise as a road map to efficiently navigate the global regulatory landscape and bring your products to market.

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Solutions to support innovation in the automotive and mobility industry

The automotive industry continues to evolve rapidly, with consumer expectations and technology serving as catalysts for these changes. As the industry embraces both product and process transformations and finds innovative ways to support autonomous technology, connectivity, electrification and shared mobility, UL Solutions is prepared help OEMs, their suppliers and auto tech startups. You need to navigate the complex safety, security, quality and performance challenges associated with existing industry requirements and new demands, and UL Solutions can act as your guide.     

We deliver advisory, testing, inspection, certification, and training services across the full product life cycle. From materials and components to systems and full vehicles, we help our customers navigate the often complex landscape of industry standards and best practices.   

UL Solutions understands that innovation is central to your business and is part of what helps you differentiate in a competitive global market. Serving as your safety-science partner, our automotive and technology experts strive to support your innovations with solutions that help you demonstrate the safety, security, quality and performance of your products. In addition to supporting more traditional products, we provide support for next generation batteries, in-vehicle electronics, complex vehicle propulsion systems and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), and entirely novel micromobility technologies and products.

By partnering with you as you work to shape the industry, we can help you feel confident that your newest technologies will meet market demands, so you can pass this confidence to your customers.

Comprehensive support for bringing new innovations to the automotive market

The industry has spent decades engineering and enhancing automotive and mobility safety to protect people in vehicles and on the road. Connected, autonomous and increasingly capable vehicles introduce additional functionality and safety features while also presenting challenges.  Safety control systems are becoming increasingly complex as a result. From the earliest stages of product design to final production, UL Solutions can help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and component suppliers understand and comply with industry-wide regulations, individual OEM specifications, and local requirements.

Across the entire automotive and mobility space, from commercial and off-road vehicles to electrified and micromobility, the depth and breadth of UL Solutions’ expertise pairs seamlessly with your efforts to move the industry forward. We can help long-time industry OEMs and suppliers navigate new innovations — including the technology supporting LTE/5G, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), vehicle-to-network (V2N) communications, and vehicle telematics and infotainment — and support tech companies and start-ups who are new to industry.

Along with helping you address the complex needs associated with existing industry expectations, we can also give you confidence navigating new and growing requirements, including those related to cybersecurity, EV batteries, autonomous driving technology and sustainability. By offering an extensive array of solutions, UL Solutions can support your innovations wherever you are in the product life cycle while supporting your efforts to build and maintain brand loyalty and trust with your customers.

Automotive testing services for electric vehicles

Complex electronics and electrical systems are necessary to support innovation in the automotive industry, and these systems only become more important as more electric vehicles (EVs) enter the market. Leveraging our extensive experience with technology and electronics, we offer solutions to help the electronic components, batteries, and charging infrastructure required to support this transformation.

UL Solutions’ expertise across numerous industries and a range of technologies pairs with our deep understanding of the automotive regulatory landscape to make us valuable partners as you navigate and innovate the automotive and mobility market.


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