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Follow-Up Services

Safety certification doesn’t end with a Mark. These services represent our ongoing commitment to safer products, and in turn, a safer world.

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At UL, our product safety certification process extends beyond the issuance of a UL Mark. Our ongoing involvement serves as protection for your investment, benefitting you by easing the journey to compliance and helping earn increased consumer trust.

Follow-up Services with UL apply to any product carrying the UL Mark to verify that the product still meets the original requirements it was certified under. Throughout the lifetime of a UL Certification, we conduct regular inspections of production facilities and products, working towards an end goal of total compliance.

What do Follow-Up Services with UL include?

There are several main components to Follow-Up Services with UL. Each step serves a vital role in product certification.

Starting your file

Once a product is Certified, it is enrolled in our Follow-Up Services program. During an initial production inspection, a UL expert will conduct an on-site meeting to discuss your certification and key elements needed for compliance, as well as answer any questions you may have. Additionally, this meeting will include your first product inspection.

This inspection consists of comparing the product’s original certification requirements to the product being generated at the facility on the day of the inspection. Your UL expert will also study the critical components of the product, resulting in the potential need for an electrical test or other testing if applicable.

To assist with this stage, we offer you our FUStart document and additional resources that can help you prepare for your Follow-Up Services inspection.

FUStart documents and additional resources

Click the + signs below to access the FUStart and Customer Requirements documents.

After the inspection

Once the first inspection is complete, all inspections will follow a standard format. The inspections will be unannounced and consist of a UL expert verifying that a randomly selected product sample from the production line is compliant with its certification requirements.

Upon completion, we will issue an inspection report that clarifies whether the product passed the inspection or if a variation notice was issued. A variation notice, or VN, is issued when an element of the product or manufacturing process is found to be inconsistent with certification requirements during the inspection. After the inspection, your UL expert will explain why the notice was issued and provide clarity on the necessary steps to take moving forward.

Let UL be your partner for success

As our services continue throughout the life cycle of your product, UL is with you every step of the way. Your UL representative gets to know you, your business structure and your processes, forging a mutually beneficial relationship. Your representative serves as an industry expert, providing an in-depth understanding of your product, industry and position in the global market. As your needs change, we change with you, providing customized assistance as you navigate new product launches, process adjustments and growth opportunities.

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