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Car interior lights and exterior traffic lights on the roadway

Transportation Lighting

For the transportation lighting segment, contact UL Solutions to learn more about performance and reliability testing capabilities.

Transportation lighting

As lighting systems for vehicles incorporate new best-in-class technology, lighting product designers, original equipment manufacturers and suppliers (OEM and OES), and both wholesalers and retailers alike have a need for safe, high-performing transportation lighting options.

UL Solutions has performance and reliability testing capabilities through our Taiwan laboratory, and we continue to expand our service scope. We have competency and capability to conduct testing to international requirements including the standards of the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC), the standardization organization for solid state and semiconductor industries, as well as the industry standard AECQ-102/SAE USCAR-33 for components in automotive electronics, IEC 60810/ISO 16750 for modules and NHTSA FMVSS108/SAE for vehicle lamps.