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Scientist looking at 3D rendered graphic scans from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner, close up

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Our technical, regulatory and clinical expertise substantiates trust in medical technology, healthcare delivery networks and consumer wellness devices. We’ll help you manage regulatory challenges and bring safer products to market faster.

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Dedicated to healthcare industry innovation, we leverage decades of advanced technical, regulatory, and clinical expertise to help clients manage regulatory and global market access issues and address emerging connected device risks. We help to ensure that medical devices are safe to deploy for use in an increasingly patient-centric and connected environment and support clients in solving critical health, safety, security, and interoperability challenges.

We also offer world-class industry compliance training for health and life science companies and healthcare providers so they can meet evolving global regulatory expectations. 

medical technician operating equipment


We offer total product life cycle (TPLC) testing, risk management, and quality management support for connected medical devices, including electrical safety, biocompatibility, cybersecurity and interoperability. Our services are designed to help you meet regulatory requirements and efficiently deliver safer, innovative products to the global market.

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woman working out, looking at smartwatch


Leverage our scientific rigor and decades of expertise in testing product safety and performance to mitigate risk and accelerate getting your consumer wearables and wellness technologies to market. Our offerings cover your critical needs including cybersecurity, toxicology, electromagnetic (EMC) and wireless compatibility services.

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image of colorful syringes used for dispensing pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

Our complete portfolio of services includes combination product usability studies and packaging sterility, shelf life and transportation validation. We can assist you in your drive for excellence with learning development systems and training content trusted by the FDA for the healthcare and life sciences industry. We also offer potency and purity testing for OTC and pharmaceuticals, as well as pharmacopeial testing to U.S. and international standards.

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healthcare provider administering a medical test in front of medical equipment

Healthcare providers

We support you in your drive to deliver enhanced healthcare services. Our cybersecurity risk management solutions help protect Personal Health Information (PHI). Our occupational health and safety software, electronic medical records (EMR) and patient health software solutions empower you to keep employees safe and well, track workplace health and improve process efficiency.

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medical assistant standing in a medical records room

Health and wellness retail

We offer safety, quality assurance and cybersecurity risk management solutions for drug dispensaries, retailers, lab equipment and Class I and Class II medical devices along with ingredient verification for dietary supplements.

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Healthcare video resources

Our healthcare video library provides insights from our industry experts into our testing capabilities to help meet global safety and regulatory requirements.

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