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Supply Chain Transparency

UL Solutions, a trusted intermediary, facilitates chemical and material supply chain data exchange, protects intellectual property and provides actionable insights to empower informed decisions.

Enable data transparency for compliance and confidence

Materials transparency throughout the supply chain is multi-faceted and can entail a broad range of challenges, including supplier selection, measuring against environment, health and safety (EHS) objectives, sustainability goals, and environmental obligations. From material selection in the innovation stage and items used in daily manufacturing to understanding the makeup of the products currently on retail shelves, it is essential to understand product composition to comply, mitigate risks, meet sustainability goals and make informed decisions.

UL Solutions plays a critical role in supply chain transparency. We provide stakeholders the information and confidence needed to make decisions while helping to protect confidential business information (CBI). As a trusted third-party intermediary, we provide the insights for handling, storing, transporting, selling and disposing of materials or products containing chemical substances of concern. We simplify complex data and reduce ambiguity for many supply chain participants while delivering specific material data and insights required for compliance and decision making.


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