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Supply Chain Assessments and Process Audits

Improve end-to-end quality, increase transparency and reduce risk within your global supply chain.

Workers auditing a warehouse

Supplier quality and transparency is a business imperative

While growing market complexity and the global nature of today’s supply chains make managing quality and achieving transparency a challenge, consumer expectations and legal and regulatory scrutiny also make understanding and gaining control of the supply chain a business imperative.

We help manufacturers improve end-to-end quality, prevent disruption and increase supply chain transparency with comprehensive risk-based supplier assessments. Our independent third-party audits help assure processes and systems are defined, appropriately documented, and effectively implemented to support conformance to quality, traceability and supply chain management requirements.

Supply chain assessments, process audits and supplier solutions

We work with you to establish supplier performance criteria based on your specific needs. We help you identify and develop assessment protocols focusing on your suppliers’ quality processes and traceability. Next, we conduct in-depth reviews of process documentation, control points, performance criteria and key indicators at supplier locations. We evaluate and score existing and prospective suppliers against your benchmark criteria and deliver a comparative summary of supplier scores to determine risk and opportunities for improvement. 

Why UL Solutions

We visit more than 65,000 manufacturing sites around the globe annually, which gives us unique insight into and engagement with the global supply network. We deliver:

  • Accurate and comprehensive audits from experts with extensive industry knowledge, experience and global reach
  • Fast response times and flexible scheduling through an international network of field-based auditors
  • Credibility as an independent, widely recognized, third-party service provider
  • Customized, curated solutions demonstrating clear insight into operational performance

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