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Pharmacy shelf with health and wellness products.

OTC and Dietary Supplements

We can help you differentiate your products in a competitive marketplace by supporting you in meeting consumer demands for high-quality dietary supplements and OTC drugs.

Demonstrate the compliance of your supplements and OTC drugs

The global over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and dietary supplements market is driven by a general improvement in lifestyles, a rise in consumer awareness of preventative healthcare, the aging of baby boomers and proliferation of distribution channels.

Increased demand for private label products in this category has amplified the need for demonstrating transparency, which can help build customer loyalty for retailers and confirm good manufacturing practices for producers supplying retailers.

The regulatory landscape for OTC drugs and dietary supplements also drives the market, yet regulations and needs differ.

The dietary supplement industry remains an under-regulated environment where manufacturers need to demonstrate good manufacturing practices if they want to be successful with retailers.

The OTC and pharmaceutical markets are ruled by stringent regulations, so producers need to ensure they stay on top of regulatory requirements to remain compliant.

Given the current and future growing demand, manufacturers and retailers need a partner they can trust to help them stay on top of regulatory compliance and offer a global network of experts and laboratories to set them up for success.

Comprehensive chemical analysis, regulatory and quality assurance testing

Our full portfolio of services, which includes audits and certification for Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs), offering regulatory compliance testing, such as chemical analysis, is designed to help you meet consumer and regulatory demands for dietary supplements and OTC drugs. Our team of experts uses recognized test methods to evaluate products to global standards, including U.S., Japanese and European pharmacopeia and the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA). We can also help you meet Federal Trade Commission (FTC) expectations by verifying the accuracy of your product’s marketing claims with the UL Verified Mark.

Specific services for OTC drugs and dietary supplements

If you want to move a step forward in your compliance strategy, or you are finding a way to differentiate your articles in a crowded marketplace and sell articles that can provide a unique experience to end consumers, UL Solutions can help with essential services, including:

Dietary supplements

UL Solutions simplifies compliance with audits and certification for cGMP, laboratory testing and quality assurance solutions for dietary supplements.

OTC drugs

UL Solutions helps you in the complex and heavily regulated world of the OTC and pharmaceutical industry by evaluating your products for compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Private labels

UL Solutions has full capability to provide comprehensive compliance and testing to set you up for success with your private brand products.


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