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Benchmarking Services for Consumer Products

UL Solutions’ benchmarking services can help brands and retailers to understand how their products compare to competitors’ to distinguish them in the competitive marketplace.

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Distinguishing your product on the crowded marketplace is fundamental

Regulatory compliance is a central part of bring products to market, but there are other issues that demand attention as well. Competition is inevitable in a global economy. Understanding how your products compare to competitors’ can help you distinguish them in the marketplace and deliver a competitive advantage.

And, even if your product meets applicable regulation, it may underperform in comparison with similar offerings. A benchmarking solution can help evaluate a product’s performance and help you find the best position for it in the global marketplace.

UL Solutions’ benchmarking solutions for your consumer products

Benchmarking is fundamental to evaluate and determine a  products performance, key characteristics and quality.

UL Solutions’ benchmarking services offer innovative and specialized testing options that can help you assess your consumer products against your competitors and reach your business objectives.

UL Solutions’ benchmark testing can evaluate your consumer product’s performance against the competition for key features including functionality, durability, quality and more.

Testing results can help you make educated decisions on:

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In the News - Regulatory Updates for Retail and Consumer Products

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