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Consumer Product Testing

From sensory evaluations and physical testing to consumer preference and package review, our globally recognized testing services will help ensure that your products meet consumer expectations for quality, safety and compliance.

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Confirm quality, safety and performance with UL Solutions Consumer product testing services 

Delivering value and consistent quality is an essential part of building consumer acceptance and trust. Even more so, driving confidence in the quality and safety of your products builds consumer preference — the ultimate goal of any manufacturer. We can help you achieve that goal through our wide array of consumer product testing and assessment services.

Advanced testing laboratories for a wide range of testing services 

Chemical testing

Our analytical testing services can identify impurities in raw materials (or finished products) and certify that your product claims are accurate. Our chemical testing offerings range from materials testing and label claim verification to restricted substance list (RSL) development and supply chain management improvement. In the end, you’ll gain greater control over your chemical sourcing, inventory and processes.

Microbiological testing

We can help you test for contamination from bacteria, yeast, mold and other potentially hazardous pathogens across a wide range of consumer goods, including beverages, beauty care, dietary supplements, food and children’s products.

Physical testing

We’ll help you assess compliance by testing specific product features, such as stability, flash point, performance, label care instructions, and resilience to everyday wear and tear.

Performance testing

We’ll help you certify your product performance claims with tests that simulate normal product usage. Testing is conducted in a controlled laboratory setting and include:  accelerated stress testing, benchmarking, failure analysis, and aging and life cycle testing of materials and finished products. We also offer performance testing under controlled settings.

Sensory testing

Our sensory testing evaluates a consumer’s response to your product’s sensory characteristics. Tests include expert analysis and consumer feedback on product preferences, attributes, appearance, variability, functionality and messaging.

Package review

Package review services will help you determine whether your bottles, containers and closures meet the regulatory and consumer demands for safety, usability and quality.

Materials testing

We’ll help you deliver quality and achieve compliance with vital checks that determine if your products and their component parts meet their intended use and expected life cycle specifications. We’ll conduct tests for mechanical, technological, corrosive, thermal and wear influences. Our tests can be customized to specific regional and global standards or to specific client needs.

Claims testing

We verify package, nutritional and active ingredient claims utilizing recognized, internally developed and validated methodology. This will help substantiate your product differentiators with independent verification of their performance, quality, safety and marketing claims.

Consumer studies

You need to know how consumers will react to a proposed launch or rebrand before your product enters the market. By working with home-use tests (HUTs) and concept testing, we’ll provide you with actionable guidance to ensure that your product launch is a success.

Benefits of product testing services

Understanding and satisfying consumer expectations is a critical component of your success. We’ll help you meet regulatory requirements that identify a product’s potential hazards, such as mechanical, physical, chemical, electrical, flammability, hygiene and potential radioactivity, and assess the potential exposure to those risks. Our full suite of consumer product testing services can help arm you with the information you need to deliver the best product possible to your customers .

Why UL Solutions for consumer product testing solutions  

We are committed to helping you navigate the complex world of consumer product testing. Having evaluated thousands of products from hundreds of industry categories, we are a trusted leader in the science of safety. Our deep understanding of regulatory compliance, coupled with our industry-leading team of engineers, enables us to help you create the best products possible.

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