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Textile, Apparel and Footwear Testing

Partner with UL for support in your drive to exceed consumer expectations for safety, quality and durability and to meet sustainability goals.

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The challenges for fashion retailers, brands, and manufacturers

Fashion retailers, brands and manufacturers must find a way to differentiate their sustainable, quality apparel, textiles and footwear in the marketplace to consumers who are increasingly skeptical about marketing claims. It is also essential to stay current with an increasingly complex regulatory landscape. Partnering with UL simplifies these challenges, making it easier to access the global marketplace and build brand trust.

Testing services and assessment solutions for the textile, apparel and footwear industries with a global laboratory network

By having an in-depth understanding of the footwear, textile and apparel industries, we are well-versed in the standards and risks associated with the procurement, construction and performance of these items. This knowledge enables us to offer a full suite of services to help you comply with the regulations needed to manufacture, sell and distribute your products.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories around the world can test for quality and durability — criteria based on consumer expectations — and we have significant experience in helping fashion and luxury brands maintain stringent quality controls across their entire supply chain.

Develop a sustainable supply chain

We are an official contributor to the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Program, and we support their vision of the widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry and best practices to protect consumers, workers and the environment. To aid in this mission, we’re ready to help you develop and implement a sustainable supply chain across your organization.

Custom safety and quality solutions for textile and leather

We make compliance with safety regulations and standards easier by offering tailored solutions specifically designed for the textile and shoe manufacturing industries. Sustainability checks, for example, are one of the most requested services we offer. They include an on-site wastewater assessment, which is based on the ZDHC Program to remove hazardous chemicals in the global textile and leather value chain. These assessments provide actionable information to manufacturers who source goods from water intensive operations, such as leather tanneries and dye operations, in an effort to help you make better, more environmentally friendly sourcing decisions.

Demonstrate compliance to safety regulations and global standards

From factory to shelf, we help confirm that your products meet quality, safety and social standards by offering a variety of assurance services.

Textiles and apparel services

  • Development fabric and production testing
  • Chemical management
  • Restricted substances
  • Care instruction and labeling
  • Flammability
  • Colorfastness and lightfastness
  • Fiber analysis
  • Dimensional stability, durability and performance
  • Promotional claims testing
  • Children’s apparel risk assessments
  • Quality inspections
  • Manufacturing and social compliance audits

Footwear services

  • Product testing to international standards
  • Aromatic amines derived from AZO colorants testing
  • Testing to state regulations including California Proposition 65
  • Documentation for shipping within Europe
  • Quality inspections
  • Manufacturing and social compliance audits
  • Phthalate testing

We help our clients improve the strength of their global supply chains, optimize product performance, and protect brand reputation.

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