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Solutions for Quality and Sustainable Luxury Brands

Partner with UL Solutions to protect your consumers and brand reputation with expert resources and a sustainable approach.

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Sustainable luxury brands face unique challenges

Complying with evolving market regulations while addressing safety and quality issues can be complicated.   

The luxury market waits for nothing. As you look to new sourcing partners to help speed product launches, you should understand the regulatory landscape in new markets. Uncover and address safety and quality issues before they become costly problems by making your supply chain as transparent as possible. 

Additionally, regardless of size and segment, brands and retailers need to achieve ever-faster speed to market while delivering high-quality, safer goods.

Sustainability is no longer a business advantage — it’s an imperative

The customer base for luxury goods is changing — while millennial and Gen Z shoppers care about product performance, materials and craftsmanship, they are also deeply concerned with the external effects of the products they consume. When it comes to sustainability, your new and future customers are sophisticated buyers, and they expect a comprehensive plan to address all the varied issues surrounding sustainability.   

Investors and stakeholders are also recognizing the importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) disclosure as well as a company’s initiatives to reduce climate change. Clearly communicating your company’s ESG data is how you tell your company’s sustainability story and drive confidence in your operations. Quality reporting is key to achieving this.

With all the challenges facing the luxury brand market, it’s important to partner with trusted experts who can help simplify the path forward. With changing regulations that apply to your products on a global scale as well as new supply chain requirements and innovative products constantly hitting luxury shops, staying up to date can be overwhelming.

UL Solutions can help. Our goal is to share our knowledge of and insight into luxury brands as we strive toward our mission of working f or a safer world.

We help protect and enhance your brand reputation in the global marketplace with services including comprehensive anticounterfeit protection, science-backed substantiation and quality assurance checks throughout the manufacturing cycle and across your supply network.

Quality and compliance testing for sustainable luxury apparel, footwear, handbags and leather goods

UL Solutions' testing services help ensure your products meet global regulations and consumer expectations for quality and compliance.

In our state-of-the art, global laboratories, our experts verify compliance of your articles to the most relevant chemical regulations such as the European REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation or the US Toxic Substances Control Act. We can help you building your Restricted Substances List (RSL).

From raw material to final product testing, fiber analysis to identifying luxury fibers to flammability testing and labeling verification, you can trust UL Solutions to keep pace while you continue to sell innovative and unique products on the market.

Start your sustainability path to protect consumers and the environment

UL Solutions partners with luxury brands to evaluate and optimize their sustainability program, providing a plan and dataset that can help set them apart from other brands.

As an official solutions provider to the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, along with our extensive experience in the field of wastewater analysis and chemical management services, we can help you work with a more sustainable supply chain to minimize your environmental impact.

Our responsible sourcing program helps you advance sustainable business practices within your supply chain by improving areas of social and environmental responsibility, brand protection, supply chain security and raw material sourcing.

We are here to help you communicate your sustainability commitment and validate your sustainability attributes through GRS and RCS certifications, Environmental Claim Validation programs for jewelry, home textiles and eyewear and to think about durability and other features that support your circular approach.

Our IT solutions can help you manage your supply chain more transparently and report your sustainability efforts to investors, international stakeholders and final consumers. 

ESG solutions

We offer ESG reporting solutions specifically suited to your needs, whether you want to express your company’s sustainability and social goals or communicate your commitment to a sustainable supply chain.

UL ESG reporting tools — including 360 Supply Chain and Turbo Carbon™ management software — help companies track and report their ESG data throughout businesses and supply chains and report that data using a variety of frameworks, including the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, CDP, GRI and others.

Learn more here: ESG Reporting

UL Solutions and ADEC Innovations Join Forces for Chemical Management in Fashion

UL Solutions partners with ADEC Innovations, the technology provider behind the supply chain software as a service (SaaS) platform CleanChain, to enhance chemical management across global supply chains in alignment with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) initiative for the apparel, footwear and accessories industry. With this partnership, CleanChain platform seamlessly integrates into UL Solutions services, offering a cohesive and data-driven solution for chemical management across the entire supply chain providing greater visibility into chemical inventories, managing chemicals hazardous to human health and the environment, and driving continuous improvement in sustainability performance. The bundled solution includes official ZDHC trainings for the value chain, wastewater testing and reporting, MRSL certification and monthly ZDHC Performance InCheck reports generation.

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