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UL Solutions and ADEC Innovations Join Forces for Chemical Management in Fashion

The testing and technical expertise of UL Solutions combined with the CleanChain platform by ADEC Innovations allows businesses to drive improvement in sustainability performance.

Chemistry research student working in laboratory.

January 19, 2024

UL Solutions and ADEC Innovations, the technology provider behind the supply chain software as a service (SaaS) platform CleanChain, proudly announce their strategic partnership to enhance chemical management across global supply chains in alignment with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) initiative for the apparel, footwear and accessories industry.

This collaboration brings together the unparalleled expertise of UL Solutions in applied safety science testing, inspection and certification with ADEC Innovations’ technology-driven sustainability solutions. With this partnership, ADEC Innovations’ CleanChain platform seamlessly integrates into the offerings of UL Solutions, providing a cohesive and data-driven service for chemical management across the entire supply chain.

The integration allows businesses and their suppliers to gain greater visibility into chemical inventories, manage chemicals hazardous to human health and the environment, and drive continuous improvement in sustainability performance.

The bundled offering includes official ZDHC trainings for the value chain, wastewater testing and reporting, MRSL certification, and monthly ZDHC Performance InCheck reports generation.

“As a strategic technical partner of fashion and luxury companies, we are committed to supporting them in improving sustainability along their global supply chains. Thanks to the collaboration with ADEC Innovations, our customers will take advantage of the innovative CleanChain platform to power data management and reduce the impact on the environment and communities.”

  • Josh Warren, vice president and general manager
  • Retail & Consumer Products, UL Solutions

Key benefits of the UL Solutions and ADEC Innovations partnership

  • Streamlined ZDHC compliance – Companies can easily manage and maintain ZDHC compliance across their supply chains through a unified platform that combines accurate chemical testing and real-time inventory management capabilities.
  • Enhanced supply chain transparency – The partnership enables businesses to gain greater upstream visibility into chemical use at each step of production, facilitating informed decision-making and fostering trust among stakeholders.
  • Data-driven insights – By leveraging advanced analytics and reporting functionalities, organizations can extract actionable insights from their chemical inventory data, driving continuous improvement and sustainable practices.
  • Improved risk mitigation – The combined expertise of UL Solutions and CleanChain equips businesses with the tools and knowledge needed to identify potential risks associated with hazardous chemicals, enabling proactive risk management and mitigation.

By harnessing the power of state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading expertise, the two companies are committed to supporting organizations in their journey towards responsible chemical usage and a safer, cleaner future.

"By combining the expertise of UL Solutions in comprehensive chemical testing and technical expertise with CleanChain's innovative capabilities, we are creating a more comprehensive offering that empowers businesses to proactively manage their chemical usage, mitigate risks, and contribute to a safer, cleaner future."

  • Daniel Murray, managing director
  • CleanChain

About ADEC Innovations

ADEC Innovations, a leading provider of integrated expertise, software, data, and people, delivers solutions across Environmental Risk, Compliance & Assurance; Sustainability & ESG; and Outsourcing & Impact Sourcing. For nearly 30 years, ADEC Innovations has advanced sustainable business and operational practices around the world by harnessing and transforming information into knowledge and reshaping risk into positive impact and value. With a network of 4,000 employees across 19 countries, ADEC Innovations develops and offers innovative products and services that help governments, coalitions, and businesses worldwide meet their evolving needs and drive organizational value in a world where impact matters.


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