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Retail Product Compliance

Access compliance data that helps you drive smart business decisions and manage product compliance across your entire retail ecosystem, at all stages, for every UPC.

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Designed for retail compliance teams

An essential part of ULTRUS™ software from UL Solutions, our WERCSmart® Retail Product Compliance empowers you with mission-critical data to enable the compliant sale, handling and disposal of products for your retail organization.

In a comprehensive platform, we’ll help you collect, validate and assess essential safety and compliance data to mitigate risks, avoid regulatory fines and manage chemical policies.

Right now, retailers and frontline employees at some of the world’s most prominent brands are using WERCSmart to meet and manage their retail product compliance needs and to facilitate safer product handling.

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Maintain compliance

Manage changing regulations to help you protect your employees, customers, and bottom line. 

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Avoid regulatory fines

Help ensure that sale, handling, and disposal procedures of regulated products are compliant with state and federal regulations.

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Reduce unnecessary costs

Streamline operations and leverage accurate regulatory classifications to reduce cost and environmental impact. 



Verified safety and compliance information for 1.7M+ products from more than 20,000 brands

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Centralized and secure

Suppliers and retailers can exchange accurate regulatory data via a permissions-based platform that meets ISO 27001 information security standards.

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Enhanced data accuracy

Leverage our industry-leading WERCSmart engine, manufacturer provided data, regulatory database and hazard review processes to determine the regulatory classifications for each product.

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Dashboarding and reporting tools

Easily manage your data quality and accuracy and generate timely reports for key stakeholders.

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Access new retail markets

Brand owners and distributors can connect with new retailers through WERCSmart product registrations.


Remove guesswork from retail product compliance

Whether you're a retailer or a brand owner, WERCSmart offers easy, transparent access to regulatory information that helps manage risk and ensure compliance.

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How it works

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Register products

Brand Owners + Distributors

Brand owners and distributors submit relevant and required information on products.

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Complete analysis  

Rules + Automation + AI + Human Review

More than 650 regulatory and sustainability data points across multiple jurisdictions.

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Satisfy requirements

Connect retailers with required information — accurately, quickly, securely. 


For frontline retail teams

Critical product and compliance data at your fingertips

With WERCSmart’s ItemScan™ app, frontline workers quickly scan UPCs to get immediate access to safety data sheets (SDS) and clear details on safe and compliant product handling, storage, transport and disposal.

For product manufacturers and suppliers

Gain retail market access with a single WERCSmart registration

Meet retailer compliance and sustainability onboarding requirements with a one-time product registration. Register your products with more than 125 major retailers representing more than 100,000 distribution points. Manage your compliance needs in one unified location while protecting proprietary product information.

“Since using WERCSmart, ItemSync and ItemScan as product onboarding and auditing tools, we now can quickly identify compliance gaps in our selling channels.”

Peg Chandler, senior manager, Enterprise Environmental Compliance, Kroger

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Ready to elevate your product compliance program? Put WERCSmart to work for you.

Schedule your free demo today to learn how you can leverage WERCSmart to manage product compliance needs across your retail operations.

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Ready to elevate your product compliance program? Put WERCSmart to work for you.

Schedule your free demo today to learn how you can leverage WERCSmart to manage product compliance needs across your retail operations.

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