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Retail Strategies for Chemical Compliance in Canada

WERCSmart® helps Canadian retailers manage the complex regulatory requirements of chemicals, elevates their compliance programs and supports the safe sale, handling and disposal of their products.

Peace Tower of the Canadian Parliament with autumn foliage in Ottawa

Chemicals are everywhere, and for retailers, they’re highly regulated. They’re in the air we breathe, the foods we ingest and the products we interact with. Through the WERCSmart® digital product compliance platform, retailers are uniquely positioned to meet those challenges in both the supply chain and the chemical value chain. From designing and manufacturing private-label products to sourcing and procuring, transporting and storing, selling, and managing end of life for thousands of consumer products, all of these functions come with regulatory requirements that are, in part, due to chemicals. So how do retailers manage regulatory compliance? They do it with the help of UL Solutions.

This booklet provides an overview of the current and emerging chemical regulatory frameworks in Canada, the challenges retailers in Canada face and the WERCSmart® tool that retailers use to comply with the complex chemical regulatory framework in Canada.

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