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Automotive and Mobility

An approach to software safety and security that helps you establish a cohesive process ecosystem.

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Automotive products need safe and secure software

Software continues to be the most dominant innovation driver in the automotive industry. The core functionalities of autonomous and semi-autonomous systems or V2X (vehicle to everything) connectivity components are almost completely implemented in software as in new vehicle architectures such as the Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV). 

To keep vehicle ecosystems current and secure, software must be continuously updateable while maintaining safety. To meet requirements, OEMs and suppliers need to keep pace with the dynamics of this transition under continued cost pressure. As a result, redesigning automotive engineering value streams becomes mandatory.


An integrated approach to safety and security  

Automotive companies are challenged to implement compliance with industry standards, regulations and best practices without adding significant overhead to their bottom line or increasing time to market. These include:

  • Automotive SPICE® for quality in systems and software engineering.
  • ISO 26262 for functional safety.
  • ISO 21448 for the safety of the intended functionality (SOTIF).
  • ISO/SAE 21434 for cybersecurity of road vehicles.
  • ISO 24089 for software update engineering.


Our offerings

The above requirements are best resolved with a cohesive and consistent process ecosystem. We support automotive clients through an integrated approach that combines:  

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Automotive SPICE and its extension
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Functional Safety
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Autonomy Safety/SOTIF
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Systems Engineering
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IT Service Management







Our experts are active in key industry working groups, helping us anticipate changes and trends as early as possible. 

The Automotive Process Framework created with our Stages process management software helps automotive customers significantly accelerate definition and rollout of engineering processes while adhering to applicable requirements. 


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